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  1. I think the DBacks would look really good in a sand colored uniform. Great series by the way.
  2. dodgerdog16, this is amazing. I'm gonna give you my two cents on each post so far as I just recently started looking through the forums. For the divisions, I like your AL, but, for the NL, I would recommend: West: LAD, ARI, SF, SD South: WSH, ATL, MIA, CIN North: STL, CHC, MIL, COL East: NYM, PHI, MON, PIT I think it makes more sense geographically. Uniforms: ARI: may I recommend red pinstripes for the white unis? They used pinstripes in their teal/purple unis, and I think it may be the "something missing." LAD, LAA, CHC: very sharp, no comments SF: golden gate sleeve logo on each uni instead of just the first? VAN: leaf on sleeve (like the golden gate logo)? OAK: elephant on sleeve?; Also, I don't like the number on the white unis. I think it would look better further down (or not at all) SEA: I also prefer the yellow/blue color design Again, they are already very impressive and look very nice. Just thought these changes might make them better.