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  1. I remember vacationing in Miami last year and going to a game between the Lightning and Panthers. I thought the Lightning's look was crisp, modern, and unique, whereas Floirda was just debuting yet another pastel blue, circular logo wreck. I appreciated that look greatly, and I wish the team didn't tamper with their unique colour scheme.

    The logo does have a modern, simplistic feel about it but I can't help feel like it looks more like that of a telecom company than a hockey team. It's just too simplistic to me and amateurish in a way. I do kind of like the 3D circle in that it may be interpreted as looking like a puck, but otherwise, meh. The wordmark on the road doesn't help it either.

    The striping and everything fits with what they did, but I really don't see it as their own identity any more than a rec league team's would be. It does have a Leafs feel and the collar definitely gives off an air of Burke's redesign recently.

    If they could bring back the cutting-edge black and silver and find a logo that isn't a mishmash of fonts, etc. they could be onto something. Thumbs down here though.

  2. Nice to see some of my unpopular opinions aren't so unpopular here...

    - First, I love green in uniforms and can't see why anyone could get rid of it as a primary colour.

    - Loved the Fishsticks Islander era, some of the best uniforms in hockey.

    - Also really like purple and orange, really like those Coyote thirds and mostly liked the original Coyotes.

    - Hate the Minnesota Wild's circular logo and any of the "throwback" uniforms they've tried since their original.

    - I liked the orange Miami Dolphins uniforms ? maybe I'm the only one.

    - The addition of black to the Mets' look was fine by me.

    - I like the new San Jose Sharks look a lot. I liked their original sweaters and didn't care for the second set.

    - Was a fan of the Spiderknight London Knights, though I must admit, their 1987-1994 logo was perfection.

    - Liked a lot of the teal and purple era, not too much of a fad in my eyes.

    - Hate some of the cartoony logos of that same era.

  3. It's interesting though, when the London Knights first came into existence, the person who won the name-the-team contest and designed the logo basically said he picked the green and gold because the Minnesota North Stars uniforms were so sharp and sold so well. If you look at minor hockey teams, someone was once telling me there was a disproportionate number who picked the moniker North Stars and their colour scheme too (though i don't have hard, concrete stats).

    There is, however, an academic researcher, Craig Hyatt of Brock University, who was studying Hartford Whaler fans, why they became Whaler fans and what they did afterward. Turns out, it was the green that attracted them. His research, from my understanding, showed that it was right up there behind parent's loyalties and geography as a factor. He and I talked a little bit about North Stars/Stars fans who had Hartford as a second favourite team because of the green, and also the fact that when the Stars kept their identity more fans moved with them to Dallas than the Hurricanes who entirely scrapped the green.

    Green has always been my favourite colour and it's the reason I chose the teams I chose too, especially from a young age. I think it's a shame more teams aren't wearing it and I would think it would be more marketable than it has been. Those Chicago Blackhawks St. Patrick's Day sweaters are amazing.

  4. There's a story on today about Dion Phaneuf being named captain that says " The team is holding a press conference on Monday, where the club says it will make an announcement and unveil a new Maple Leafs sweater." Any buzz out there about this one?

  5. I love the fact that the sleeve stripes would look like a ''V'' the way they are shaped, funny no one mentioned it !

    Very nice looking sweaters, but how many teams are going to adopt the Minnesota Wild-ish circular logo and name bit? There needs to be some originality there.

  6. This is disappointing. I grew up a Knights fan, and lived through the Spider-Knight era. Seeing the switch back to green and gold was a god send! The colors and logo they have now are fantastic, one of the nicest in the league by far. This new retro logo that's splashed around the site looks way too dated.

    The "sharp-looking green third jerseys are done. The London Knights are planning a new look" quote leads me to believe (or hope) that this new look is ONLY for the alternate uniform. I was never font of the green alternate with Knights across the chest, since Plymouth wore one that is almost identical to it.

    This new look is permanent and the OHL isn't doing alternate uniforms next year. They're switching to the dreaded Edge sweaters and everyone is changing somewhat. We've also heard the Knights white sweaters are going to be a cream colour like the Minnesota all-star sweaters or Quebec Remparts, but no confirmation.

    I don't get this, really. The last logo, updated from 1987-1994 was really crisp, it was probably the easiest recognized junior hockey logo, and they wore it when they won it all. This new one is a poorly rendered attempt at going back in time - the original was much cleaner and it didn't try to be cartoonish with the yellow striping that looks oddly like a smile a kid might like - and it just doesn't get a thumbs up here.

  7. The fin logo is on the helmets, I think I saw it in some of those practice photos someone posted a long time ago that show the shield on the pants, and it was confirmed on the Sharks' site that there are numbers on the front of both sweaters. Shame though, the Sharks had a press conference with players and presumably the numbers and full look, but only showed the sweater online.

  8. That looks like a high school football jersey.

    Well, I was about to say the Stars got this horribly wrong, but high school football is like a religion in Texas... so maybe they got something right here. From what I gather on other boards though, the majority of their fans aren't buying it.

  9. That doesn't look right. It shouldn't have the primary logo as shoulder patches, and I hope that's not the actual patch on the pants.

    That is the actual patch on the pants, and you're right, I didn't think the primary crest was going on the shoulders. Also, from that photo looks like the Sharks are going to be the other numbers on front team... yuck. I loved the whole package other than that.

  10. We heard from the Stars six months ago that the reason they would have to change their jerseys was because the star pattern would not work on the new Edge jerseys. The Avs had a similar pattern with their mountain so I had a feeling they wouldn't be able to keep that much like the Stars couldn't keep theirs

    I wonder about this though. If the Ducks could keep their curved stripes on the bottom of their sweater, I don't see why Colorado or Dallas couldn't do similar. I think those are just excuses for teams that wanted to change.

  11. VAN_3i0n0zoiukpfef3wpik7.gif

    I love this logo, I think it's classic like some of the original six and I would have been happy to see that on these sweaters. The stick-in-rink would have looked good too. I'm really not impressed with the wordmark. It's like those cheap kids sweaters you can buy at places like Wal-Mart that most laugh at. It just doesn't need to be there at all... and it takes up valuable space.

    On the topic of fan art, copyrights, etc. I think the best I've seen for Vancouver, if they were to go for a modernization, was that aviator Johnny Canuck someone put on here. Those were pretty sleek. To stay retro though, gotta love the logo above.