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  1. Having technical problems uploading, but Stars released this video featuring Seguin in their Winter Classic uniform. https://www.facebook.com/DallasStars/videos/942059959486603/
  2. Seems pretty obviously geared to status quo or the existing =O=. All the new stuff is generic and beyond bad.
  3. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Dallas had some variation of the 1999 Cup sweaters with the star pattern.
  4. I presume these are just camp sweaters for the Ottawa 67's, but I don't remember ever seeing them before.
  5. How about Seattle Cranes? You can tap into the Frasier fan base and probably make a cool logo with it. They're also known as a species of bird that fights in packs and a very honoured creature in Asian mythology, which may be a demographic they can capture.
  6. You know, I can understand the mustard one. That seemed to be the big color at the time and a few teams were rushing to make alternates that color. I didn't realize there was as much green on it as there was as most photos I saw looked all black thanks to the darkness of the green they used. I hate the neckline though, I really don't know what they were trying there. As for the font, I kind of like that. It would have been a bit of an adaptation on the block font, which had become a North Stars trademark. Of course, it would have been better to just take the block font and keep it as it was in the new colors. Broadcasters also complained about the green numbers being hard to read, but I loved them. I hated that the Stars went to a darker shade in year two in Dallas.
  7. Nice to see some of my unpopular opinions aren't so unpopular here... - First, I love green in uniforms and can't see why anyone could get rid of it as a primary colour. - Loved the Fishsticks Islander era, some of the best uniforms in hockey. - Also really like purple and orange, really like those Coyote thirds and mostly liked the original Coyotes. - Hate the Minnesota Wild's circular logo and any of the "throwback" uniforms they've tried since their original. - I liked the orange Miami Dolphins uniforms ? maybe I'm the only one. - The addition of black to the Mets' look was fine by me. - I like the new San Jose Sharks look a lot. I liked their original sweaters and didn't care for the second set. - Was a fan of the Spiderknight London Knights, though I must admit, their 1987-1994 logo was perfection. - Liked a lot of the teal and purple era, not too much of a fad in my eyes. - Hate some of the cartoony logos of that same era.
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