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  1. The last I heard, the only logo change that these two (Calgary and Pittsburgh) had in common was the absence of their alternates. I agree that things do change last minute (ie. the new Dallas script) but, it is doubtful that they are getting a new or modified primary logos.

    Dallas script? Did I miss something?

  2. One of your best concepts yet.

    Those look much, much better than what we've been reading about. I might put the Texas logo as my primary (maybe), but otherwise love it. Keep the green and go back to that striping, definitely.

  3. This really saddens me, I always loved the green. I agree that maybe the Wild could use a bit less green, but it still seems like that should be their primary colour. The red looks kind of goofy with that circle logo, like some knockoff sweater you'd buy for your kids.

    On top of that, it sounds like Dallas is going back to black too... sad. There's research that fans pick their favourite teams because of colours and tend to stay allied to those colours ... and some fans don't follow teams after a uniform change. Both these teams had a fairly unique primary colour, they should keep it.