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  1. This font? Credit to Kevin Aka on Behance
  2. Wentz logo seems too Bears-esque for me.
  3. The logo itself looks great, I just couldn't see it being GT's logo.
  4. Dang it. Only a minor mistake. I'll work on that in my future sets.
  5. The pant stripe isn't ideal on this one, but black wouldn't work considering there wasn't any black anywhere else. I kind of like the numbers without the black outline, too. Georgia
  6. I'm pretty sure that the NFL has a one helmet rule, could be wrong tho. The NCAA doesn't have that rule, so I just assumed that if there was a CR then the teams would use different helmets.
  7. It was a little tricky mimicking GT's jersey stripes, but I did my best. Also fixed the pant stripe. Georgia Tech
  8. Hello, A couple of days I was thinking about the "Color Rush" unis that the NFL teams use. I wondered how major NCAA teams would look with these flashy sets. I did a quick search, and found BKKnight95's old thread about NCAA Color Rush unis. If you would like to see his, Click Here. Anyways, I decided to give a crack at it, and came up with a pretty nice set for Georgia. Here it is. List: Georgia (Edited) Georgia Tech (Edited)
  9. This is my city's flag (facepalm):
  10. Well, I'm sorry. My weak spot is obviously logos, I should have tried to contact the logo makers (including you, WildWinger88) That was stupid of me of just recoloring logos. But don't high schools do that a lot too? They take college logos and recolor them? Just a thought I had, but they might actually get permission. Anyways, unless someone wanted to help me with the logos, this thread is done.
  11. Travel: Wayyyyy too long/expensive
  12. Providence Sea Lions NFL Team: Patriots Location: Providence, RI Stadium: (Build a stadium) CVS Coliseum (52,000) Sponsor: CVS Colors: Blue, Yellow, White
  13. The possibilities for Toronto's name: Toronto Towers (CN Tower) Toronto Hogs (Nickname: Hogtown) Toronto Herd (Silence of The Rams suggestion)
  14. Actually no, but that's kinda cool. Never thought about that
  15. I need a good team name for Toronto. Any suggestions?