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  1. Marquee of '93 All-American Clash Pacific Territories
  2. The Wisconsin Cup got me thinking.... Hartford Classic
  3. Back after a brief hiatus... International Classic Norris Cup
  4. Sorry dude I haven't seen your 'Yotes concept, my goal was to simply meld their current brand and their original uniforms. You'll notice how my concept resembles these uniforms much more than those concepts! Anyways, I appreciate the kind words and the criticisms! I definitely see where you're coming from on the uniform critiques, especially Vancouver. I tried to give it a fauxback feel and may have sacrificed a bit of that "clean" aesthetic because of it. Might make another Marquee Matchup where the 'Nucks wear a green version of the home and road concepts I made. I used more white than blue for the Isles to give it more colour distinction when compared to the Rangers! The Gov's Cup is definitely comparable to those color rush uniforms (some of which I'm a big fan of), felt as though this was a solid colour matchup- suited for a place like Florida.
  5. California Series *FYI these matchups are only ANA v LAK and SJS v LAK* Battle of Alberta Battle of the Desert
  6. Sure, I'll give that a shot I'll take my L lmao thanks for pointing that out though Gonna post some more marquee matchups this "morn" thanks for all the interest and suggestions
  7. All-American Clash International Classic All-American Clash Taking suggestions for some other Marquee Matchups
  8. At first, I felt the same way... But ever since the first concept I made with an orange logo like this, the black on black has looked wrong to me. The flyers have a great logo, and black on black underemphasizes it! Don't mind the schitty edit, but imagine
  9. Battle of Ontario Governor's Cup All-American Clash
  10. Good feedback for the Bruins set! I made the socks yellow at the top to follow Boston's tradition of yellow socks. I was really keen on keeping it on the dark uniforms as well, but it didn't look good at all. I tried to mimic the sleeve stripes, but I see what you mean it does look a little bit awkward. I may go back and make a revision.
  11. Here is the first wave of "Marquee Matchups": Battle of New York Keystone Classic Stevens' Cup *FYI these matchups are only MIN v NJD and WAS v NJD*
  12. Atlantic Buffalo Sabres: Melding the original Sabres uniforms with their current set, with modern touches. Detroit Red Wings: Untouchable uniform design, using their Stadium Series number font. Montreal Canadiens: Untouchable uniform design, minor edits to keep it looking classic. Boston Bruins: Taking cues from their Winter Classic Alt, I tried to give Boston a clean modern look. Toronto Maple Leafs: Adidas already did this one right. Ottawa Senators: Taking cues from the 2000 alternate uniform, the Sens are back in black. Florida Panthers: Uniforms based on the current template, utilizing the colour scheme to make them more vibrant. Tampa Bay Lightning: Taking cues from the Bolts original uniforms, blending it with their current identity to give them a bold new look.
  13. Pacific Anaheim Ducks: Mimicking their current Mighty Ducks Alt, substituting gold with jade. Arizona Coyotes: Blending their inaugural kachina-style uniforms and the current Yotes brand. Calgary Flames: Taking cues from their current alternate uniform, but applying "hotter" colour distribution. Edmonton Oilers: Created a new set based on their new orange uniform. Vegas Golden Knights: Tried to give Vegas a clean and modern look, utilizing their Steel Grey. Los Angeles Kings: Removing the piping from the sleeves and making the uniforms more coherent. Re-instated the crown on home jerseys. San Jose Sharks: Used one of the newly designed alternate logos, black is now a deep navy. Vancouver Canucks: Taking cues from their current alt, while adding a "V" to the sleeve stripes.
  14. I want the away jersey concepts to be *less* white, more balanced and more colourful! There will be a few more uniforms that have stripes on the upper arm.
  15. Central Although this division has more changes than the last, I still tried to maintain key brand elements. Chicago Blackhawks: Untouchable uniform design, a few subtle changes to make it feel more *classic*. Colorado Avalanche: Taking cues from their Colorado Alts, I try to give the Avs a simple modern identity. Dallas Stars: Calling back to the North Star identity, Dallas' double stripe take prominence. St. Louis Blues: I have inverted the sleeve stripes, and applied the lighter blue from the early days in St. Louis. Nashville Predators: Once again the stripes have been inverted, this time I went with a more vibrant blue the complement the gold. Minnesota Wild: Taking cues from their Minnesota Alts, green takes prominence in their colour palette. Winnipeg Jets: Both uniforms play into a different Jets era, while their current colour scheme is recycled into their vintage logo.
  16. I agree that the logos should be above the mesh textures, but I did not figure out how to do that on this template until I was already finished more than half the league. For consistency, I kept them all the way this first set is. When I start posting the matchups I'll begin to use the logo over the mesh. Thanks for mentioning it!
  17. I'll begin by posting the divisions, starting with the Metropolitan: Metropolitan I felt that some of these uniforms only needed minor tweaking, which is why I got it them out of the way first. Carolina Hurricanes: Square pattern added back into the jersey, very subtle solution to an already clean look. Colombus Blue Jackets: Taking cues from the Ohio flag, I try to give the Jax a more exciting look. New York Ranger: Untouchable uniform design, revised away uniform fonts to match striping. Philadelphia Flyers: Untouchable uniform design, original and classic. New Jersey Devils: Untouchable uniform design, revised logos to modernize the look. New York Islanders: Taking cues from the Brooklyn Alts, I try to give the Isles an updated identity in their current colour scheme. Pittsburgh Penguins: Untouchable uniform design, adjusted waist stripes to clean uniform up. Washington Capitals: Updated the current striping pattern to make it more modern, made better use of the Weagle.
  18. I've prepared some NHL concepts where I try and refresh team branding and uniforms. I'm trying to make the rest of the league fall more in line with what I've come to expect from Adidas. All teams get *some* sort of change from their current (Reebok) uniforms, although a few don't see much change at all (ie. Flyers, Leafs). I will accept C&C but I don't plan on making revisions to the uniforms unless I really feel compelled. I will be adding "Marquee Matchups" where teams use special uniforms. This is where C&C would be most useful, in suggesting matchups, uniforms, revisions, etc. I will use this first post as a HUB for the concepts: Metropolitan Battle of New York (NYI v NYR) Keystone Classic (PHI @ PIT) Stevens' Cup (WAS + MIN @ NJD) Ohio Classic (PIT @ CBJ) Atlantic Tribute (NJD v PHI) All-American Clash (STL v NYR) Atlantic Battle of Ontario (TOR v OTT) Governor's Cup (FLA v TBL) All-American Clash (WAS v DET) International Classic (BOS @ MTL) Norris Cup (CHI v DET) Hartford Classic (CAR v BUF) Central All-American Clash (NSH v COL) International Classic (VAN @ CHI) All-American Clash (MIN v STL) Battle of Wisconsin (MIN v CHI) All-Canadian Clash (TOR v WPG) Star Series (MIN v DAL) Pacific California Series (ANA + SJS @ LAK) Battle of Alberta (CGY v EDM) Battle of the Desert (ARI v VGK) Marquee of '93 (FLA v ANA) All-American Clash (VGK v LAK) Pacific Territories (SJS v VAN)
  19. Cheers. Fan of your work.
  20. That's a great question, I have absolutely no idea. I hadn't used my laptop in a few days, as I had prepared my study material beforehand and used a tablet to review. When I went to load it up yesterday it booted from scratch with no data. I've spent the better part of my Sunday at the Apple Store throwing a fit, at this point I've called it a day and I am going to just try and move forwards. I have everything I genuinely need (portfolio work, resume, etc.) on an external drive- which is the only silver lining here.
  21. Hey guys, I've been off the radar because I was finishing up my exams last week. I took 7 exams this semester, and had no free time... Anyways, I have a bit of a bad news- My hard drive got wiped clean yesterday, and I spent all day trying to recover my :censored: but I've had no luck. In the meantime, I'm going I'm going to start trying to (re)create all my templates, I had one for nearly every major sport. That being said, I'm not going to have any time in the near future to show this thread any love. Really breaks my heart, barely got halfway...
  22. Took some of the suggestions and reworked the Rays. The concept and description get an overhaul. Tampa Bay gets an overhaul that reintroduces the devil ray as the focus point of their identity, without readapting the "Devil Rays" team name. The Rays brand is now driven by a nautical theme, seen in the colour palette. Green is adopted as the primary colour to give the brand distinction among the MLB, furthermore, they are the only team with this green/navy colour combo. To add the emphasis on the unique identity, the Rays will wear green at home, and dark gray on the road. The primary set consists of home, away, alternate, and throwback uniforms. Two new hat style will be used by the Rays for the 2020 season. The primary caps feature a new "TB" insignia over navy blue. The home and away sets don't carry each other's colour, as green & gray are never seen in the same uniform. The devil ray will don on their alternate caps; these hats will have no letter insignia, drawing back from the inaugural Devil Rays caps that were never worn. The throwback jersey pays homage to the early Devil Rays uniforms.
  23. As per request, the Cubs get their rebrand next. I feel as though they currently have one of the best identities, and I do my best to retain that in this update. An 80's-90's cub returns with slight revisions. The primary set consists of home, away, alternate, and faux-back uniforms. The Cubs will get one new hat style in the 2020 season, featuring a red bill and their new cub logo. The throwback jersey emulates the uniforms worn between 1908 and 1912. These faux-backs make use of the Cubs new shade of blue to add brand continuity.
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