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  1. the superbowl wallpapers are great many thanks
  2. i got an idea... with super bowl being two weeks away can we get one with the super bowl logo on orange or the blue?
  3. hate to sound like a pest or a bother but i would like to see a memphis grizzlies set.
  4. hello p.stic, you are doing a great job with not that there any way i could get a memphis grizzlies/ vancouver grizzlies set...thanks in advance
  5. Does anyone know of any sites or have any old or new WWE/WWF logos other than the WWE site??
  6. would it be a problem to get a preds one... doesnt matter which logo you use
  7. these are awesome!!! could i get a memphis pharoes and/ or a nashville kats please
  8. These are wonderfully done. i know you have gotten alot of requests in the past month but when you find time could you do any teams fro mteh AFL like say nashville Kats or any of the historic teams like the Memphis Pharoes(sp) i would really be thankful for both