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  1. Hey Silent, Once you get settled in, can you circle back to the "Where I Come From" panel for the Dayton Flyers. You asked for a tag line, which is "Faithful . . . . Always Faithful." Thanks - no rush. Kevin
  2. Wow, very cool - just discovered this thread. Could I possibly get one for the Dayton Flyers and one of the "Where I come from . . ." strips as well? Thank you very much!
  3. I'm trying figure out if the big "G" that Georgetown uses for it's logo is an actual font or just word art. Anyone know?? Thanks in advance!
  4. Dude, these court concepts are outstanding! I know not everyone likes every rendering, but they are your concepts, and I personally respect the time and effort you have put into these. Must be a labor of love. I just stumbled on to this site and am amazed at all the cool logo information. Thank you. Since you seem to be taking some specific requests, and as a University of Dayton alum, let me throw these 2 at you: 1. Can you create a parquet floor version of the UD court?? 2. The UD "D" logo is new, and not very popular. I personally like the Georgetown "G". Apparently, it is word art and not an actual font so I could not create my own "D". Do you have the ability to create a red and blue "D" in the same style that Georgetown uses. I'd like to create my own "personal court". Thanks in advance, it you can create these! Either way, thanks for all of your efforts!! Go Flyers!
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