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  1. Football isn't March Madness. It's much easier to predict. Florida wouldn't win a game, they couldn't move the ball for the better half of the whole season and were scoring less than 7 per game at some point. Great idea though.
  2. Sounds like you really didn't hate breaking it to him.
  3. j3

    LA Kings Logo Tweak

    I'd call it a tweak, you're modifying the original. Whatever it is, you're trying to do too much with the "LA" in the middle. Think about how big it needs to be in order to be legible, and then how often your logo would be blown up that much. That being said, in every other sense, I'd say it's perfect, I love the colour scheme and I don't know if I'd change anything else. Good work!
  4. j3

    Maple Leafs Redesign

    It has to be, in order for the player number to be legible.
  5. j3

    Maple Leafs Redesign

    See, I'd love to, but I've already displayed the extent of my Paint ability. ? I can't find a white leaf, and I definitely can't make one. As for the third, again, I'd love to, but any good third idea of mine is either a direct throwback, or isn't really my idea at all, rather anyone else's on this site. I'll keep the third idea in mind, while trying my best on Paint for the home.
  6. j3

    Maple Leafs Redesign

    Thanks! The font was my idea of putting a modern spin on a relatively traditional concept, without going too over the top, which is what direction the Leafs sounded like they wanted to take. Although I get what you're saying,and I'll put one up using block font when I can.
  7. As a Leafs fan, I don't like the idea of torso stripes colliding with numbers and logos... Too close to Montreal for Toronto. But that's just me. Not that it looks bad by any means, I just think that's something Montreal kind of owns, and even if the Leafs bump it up to the collar, I can't say I'm a fan. That being said, if we're strictly talking about how Toronto looks and forgetting Montreal, the blue jersey needs a matching hem stripe and I'd say it's perfect.
  8. j3

    Maple Leafs Redesign

    This is my first post, although I'm a long time lurker, I came up with this because I noticed there wasn't as many Leafs concepts as I thought there would be, considering they're redesigning their whole identity. This is my idea of what path the Maple Leafs will take when designing their new uniforms. I pulled the stripes from the throwbacks to '67, and I had thought they would put player numbers in the center of whatever blank leaf they used, since their blank leaf came out earlier this year. C&C wanted! EDIT: I'd like to thank HockeyJerseyConcepts.com for the template, and Conrad for the font.