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  1. Did you read my post at all. It is a "Semi-Professional" football league. The players are trying to be scouted to be placed on an NFL team, CFL team, etc.
  2. The players use there college helmets so that scouts can easily identify the college team they were on.
  3. Hey guys, so I have been working on creating a fictional semi-pro football league. Before I show you my first uniform concept you need to know some background about the league Information The AWFL is a Semi-Professional American Football league headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The AWFL currently holds 2 conferences and 10 teams. The AWFL's players were the helmet of there college alumni. Team Location Stadium Type National Conference Quad City Shamrocks Moline, IL ESPN Stadium Air Out Harrisburg Patriots Harrisburg, PA Metro Bank Park Smashmouth Hampton Roads Cutters Norfolk, VA Dick Price Stadium Strong Defense Manchester Primaries Manchester, NH Gill Stadium Strong Offense Boston Federals Boston, MA Harvard Stadium Strong Defense American Conference Los Angeles Surf Los Angeles, CA LASC Stadium Smashmouth Portland Empire Portland, OR Providence Park Air Out Lakewood Steel Lakewood, CO Jeffco Stadium Balanced Amarillo Copperheads Amarilla, TX Dick Blivins Stadium Strong Offense Las Vegas Brawlers Las Vegas, NV Sam Boyd Stadium Smashmouth I will be releasing new concepts over the course of the week and so on. So here is the first concept - Quad City Shamrocks
  4. No because it isn't about the helmet's logo or color but the brand and make..
  5. Hey guys, so this is officially my first thread on this website (so don't mine the errors)! For my first thread I decided to start a topic about football helmets. I believe there was a thread about this a while back aswell. I know it sounds kinda lame, but i've always been intrigued by the football players helmet and/or face masks. So i guess ill start off. I've always been a fan of Dennis Dixon's Helmet and Facemask when he played for the Ducks. Mike Vicks helmet as a rookie on the Falcons was also pretty amazing. And lastly, DJ Shockley's helmet as a Dawg. Hope to see some replies and to keep this thread going!