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  1. Ah, I thought i made the red the same for both the number and outline. I meant to use the flag on the whole sleeve, my bad
  2. I thought that the Cardinals' Color Rush was kind of lazy to just slap black on there, so I decided to try and fix it. -Added red facemask -Arizona flag mark on the side of the sleeve. (already been done like a million times but it looks really good.) -Changed the number outline -Changed the pants outline. C&C is appreciated!
  3. this is a pretty cool concept it's different
  4. They're literally the same damn team you should hate Dean Spanos, not the Chargers.....
  5. What template did you use? it looks really good
  6. Here is the QB Comparison chart before the game starts
  7. Here is the template all you have to do is add whatever Quarter time period you want, then put in the teams.
  8. I like the font you told me to use, it made it look better
  9. Any help or criticism is appreciated
  10. Okay so this is kind of a test scoreboard type thing, but idk what the pipeline name is on the scoreboard, theres no images of it, so it looks plain can you guys help out? thanks in advance
  11. DeanjrRobinson do you mind if I use one of your designs to make a jersey out of it? like all the way around?
  12. Here is the Updated version, let me know if it's better
  13. Thank you, i'm updating it at this moment with a better template
  14. Yeah I did kinda but this was before i thought i should put more effort, so i kinda expected feedback, gonna update my titans concept as well with this template
  15. I'm making this better at the moment so for now just wait i guess lol, making a more serious one like putting s lot effort in
  16. From this point on i'll be making better uniforms but Tv numbers, what are they? are they just the normal numbers like packers, panthers, etc.?
  17. Thank you for your feedback I appreciate it a lot.
  18. whoops forgot to upload the uniform
  19. Desided to try a patriots throwback design
  20. Just don't know what fonts are good
  21. Well yeah it was just for fun lol