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  1. I found another possible version of the new pistons logo. This one is from the video that the Pistons play right before player introductions. its at 1:06 in the video... and a color version i made up just to see how it could look ....
  2. Yea, I'm thinking the thickness of all of the white spaces will be the same and the blue will be thicker. similar to this.
  3. I did some research. I'm pretty sure i found another glimpse of the new pistons logo..or at least a form of it with different colors. And these are from the Pistons organization itself, "The Detroit Pistons Foundation". I also looked at the Tobias Harris video, they forgot to blur out part of the design board for the new logo ...look right under his chin. It's blurry, but looks really similar to the Burry mockup!
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