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  1. Hey guys, I haven't been on the site for a while now and wanted to include a few presentation photos in my latest post. Before there used to be an upload images option in the insert media drop down, but it no longer exists in there. How can we upload pictures to our posts now? Any help would be greatly appreciated guys! Thanks, Derrick S
  2. Hey guys its Derrick here from Dasedesigns.com BACK with another eSports Logo Presentation! Its been a while since I've created a personal project, so I figured its time for another! With this one, I really wanted to create something I'm yet to see. If you follow my Instagram Page, you'll notice my curiosity with Skull Designs & Dark Logos and have made quite a few! So that was my base concept for this project, but I knew that wasn't enough! After doing some digging through my Pinterest Pins, I came up with a pretty dope concept! I decided to combine an Evil Skull, with the theme being around Ancient Egyptian Gold, Kings & Royalty, with a bit of Death & Fire! Quite the mixture I know, but again I wanted to create something dark, unique and distinct. One of the easiest ways to do that is by combining multiple different elements from different places and meshing them together for something original! Now that I had the basic concept and theme down, it was time to get to work! What we have below are the final results. I present to you the "Kings of Death" esports logo!
  3. Fantasy Sports Logo Project Ever had a fantasy sports idea that you wanted to bring to life? We received an inquiry from a man named Joseph, who was looking for someone to make this happen. He had an idea for creating a sports brand "Fantasy Warriors", and we figured we'd be the ones who could make it work! The original idea was to create a Berserker Warrior or Viking Character, along with a Bears Pelt. Take those base ideas and create an awesome "Mascot Logo" for his sports brand! Something he could really be proud of and remember with when seen. This was our base idea for the project, and we now present our final concept! We hope you all enjoy! And as always you can check out the full resolution photos on our site here: Fantasy Warriors Logo Project For these Apparel Mockup Templates, check out YellowImages
  4. Hey guys! Derrick here from DaseDesigns.com BACK with another Sports Logo Project. What started out as a side project for a fantasy sports team, has been taken into the hands of the gaming world for an eSports Team named "Deep Contact"! As always I hope you all enjoy the logo designs and clean presentations as well! Apparel Mock-up Templates: YellowImages For better Quality images be sure to check out the Presentation on our site here: Shark Sports Logo Check out more via Social Media: Instagram Youtube Twitter
  5. Insomnia Sports Logo Design Hello everyone! Derrick here from DaseDesigns.com back with another Sports Logo ! This was a recent logo design project for an eSports team that wanted a much needed update to their previous mascot! They felt their logo was far too rough, unattractive and unclear and needed a more professional approach. They were needing something more clean, concise and simple while still closely relating to their previous owl mascot. This was the Goal for our project and here is the Solution! We hope you all enjoy.. If you'd like to see more, check us out on Social Media: Facebook Mock-Up Templates provided by: Yellow Images
  6. SuperLex Rebrand Hello everyone, Derrick here from dasedesigns.com I recently worked with a personal Motorsports brand to create and re-brand her logo design and identity. Alexis "SuperLex" Olivera is a young up and coming racer competing in the Mini GP Series. I worked with Alexis and her father to create and re-brand her new visual identity including multiple variations for Logo designs and Apparel. The main goals with this project were to ditch her previous cookie cutter logo upgrade her identity to something a bit more modern and bold. She competes in a heavily Male Dominated Sport so for starters we needed her identity to be Mean enough to stand its ground against any competition that came her way. Asides from the angry essence of the design it still has to have a slight feminine touch considering she's one of the only female racers! I present to you the new SuperLex Identity! More Info: Thanks for watching and more updates coming this year! -Special thanks to Kris Olivera for the Photography. -For those asking, the Apparel Mockup Templates are from YellowImages Social Media Twitter: DaseDesigns | SuperLex26 FaceBook: DaseDesigns | SuperLex26 Website: Dase's Sports Logos | SuperLex26
  7. Thanks for the feedback fellas. Will definitely have to take this into account. @GoRedSox! @BeerGuyJordan Regards, -Derrick.
  8. Remorse Gaming Logo & Identity Hello everyone, Derrick here from Dasedesigns.com This is another Sports Logo Concept & Identity that I created as a personal project. Featuring a sleek, clean and simple Dragon Logo. After creation of the design & identity it was later purchased by "Remorse Gaming" for their new organization! Check out the final presentation below! Thanks for Watching! Check the links below for more! SpeedArt: Dragon Logo Speedart Behance Presentation: Dragons Full Presentation My Website: Gaming Team Logos
  9. I was recently contacted by team "SPARTAN TACTICAL" in an interest in getting a revamp for their currently logo designs. They are a competitive gaming team focusing on the ARMA 3 Military Simulation game! Their main problem was that their previous logo design featured a Spartan as their mascot, but was a bit plain and dated. It lacked the sense of character needed to separate itself from other spartan logos in the community. A few of their request's were creating a logo design that had the style of an eSports Logo. Something more modern and clean while still having its own personality! Also requesting that their be multiple versions of the logo design including: a Secondary Logo for Embroidered Patches, and a stand alone Wordmark! This is the outcome for their project Thanks for watching as always! Feel free to check out my Website for the Full Resolution and Information here: Gaming Team Logo
  10. Hey guys have a quick question if any of you can answer... Is there anyway to legally use these typefaces commercially?
  11. Hey guys, Derrick here from Dasedesigns! This is a recent Sports Logos and Brand Identity Concept that I created as a personal project to have a bit of fun and create an awesome identity design! A few inspirations for this design came from using a skull as the center piece for the Mascot logo with a fun color palette with inspirations from the main character from the movie “Hell Boy”. This Mascot design was later sold to an eSports team for their new visual identity! In the end it was a great project and I had a lot of fun creating the project. I hope you all enjoy the presentation images as much as I did while creating them! Thanks for watching! Feel free to check out the presentation on my website for higher resolutions here: Gaming Logos
  12. Raccoon Sports Logo and Identity Design Hello everyone, Derrick here. This is a recent Sports design and identity project that I did back in early January of 2016. Darrel (Sleepy) contacted me on the Dase Designs website to start a project for an awesome Mascot Logo and also a fresh visual identity to go along with it for his brand. Feel free to follow along with the process below and we hope you all enjoy the presentation! Thanks for watching guys! Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below. Also for higher resolution images check out the presentation on our site here: Sports Logo Project.
  13. @chickenfish13 Thanks! The custom sticks, as well as the jerseys/outfit was all presented to them and wasn't originally asked for. However they decided to only use the Logo designs. Was still fun to create them
  14. @ckunz Yes, for this teams designs I was commissioned to create their visual identity! If you would like to speak more about this feel free to reach out via email: dasedesigns@gmail.com or on our website at http://www.dasedesigns.com/contact/ Thanks.
  15. @GoRedSox! thanks, appreciate the critique! I'll be sure to do some adjusting in the near future!
  16. Sports Logo and Brand Identity for DaseDesigns Hello everyone. We felt like including our own Logo Design and Brand Identity in this section. Before beginning our Graphic Design agency we had to choose and create our own Designs. We decided to focus on a Sports Logo design type of style to fit the type of clients we would like to attract, and because the style just looks awesome in general Here's our project that we created to showcase our design and a look behind the idea and process for our visual identity. We hope you guys enjoy the viewing and feel free to check out our actual logo and identity design in action on our website here: http://www.dasedesigns.com/ We hope everyone enjoyed the viewing! Feel free to check it out on our website here for Higher Quality Images and better Alignment http://www.dasedesigns.com/dase-designs-brand-identity-2/
  17. Does anyone have any links for the updates and new versions of their jersey's and outfits?
  18. <h2>Project Info<h2> This project was for an Alaskan High School, the Hutchison Hawks. They came to me with the request for an updated look for the Mascot and Identity. While working on this project we created their new Primary Mascot, Secondary Mascot and their WordMark. We Introduce to you the New Hutchison Hawks! Feel free to check out the Higher Quality version, along with our previous work's on our website HERE.