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  1. Sparky's logo was not to my knowledge edited to look more like the teams, in fact his came first. Sparky's logo was his own and I will leave that for him to chime in on. My point was simply to show what each looked like "side by side" unedited, I would never think of it nor have anything to gain from that nor do I believe Sparky ever would. Perhaps you feel it was edited because it was so similar which again proves the point on how similar they are. I have plenty of common sense, too much to fall for "it was just influence". If that's the case is the teams name just influence as well? Colors? Army creed to fight etc? Foley wanting them to parachute? In fact they dropped T-shirts with little parachutes on them from the sky that night at the name reveal!!!! I could go on but if you read back far enough it is clear the man doesn't have an original bone in his body. Not to mention he started the whole process saying he wanted to copy his old school. The man is not defendable.....sorry and sincerely, goodnight.
  2. Honestly didn't realize I posted those pics, my mistake, will edit. Was meaning to show there's vs Sparky's. If anything you just proved my point, I confused Sparky's design with "there's". No doubt the idea/concept is Sparky's, none. I am shocked a member of this forum especially would be so bold to state influence was all it was lol
  3. If I had to guess they stole more ideas off other people and want to avoid the issue. Bottom line, yes I hate the name, most of us in LV do, no denying it. What really erked us is his lack of respect for our city name and opinion, he literally picked the least liked name, stole it, colors, creed, etc. It makes me so sad they even stole Sparkys ideas. You think the jersey will be original LOL
  4. Quick SparkyChewBarky, still time to challenge them ripping off your logo ideas Would be a shame if someone tipped off the examining lawyer to their thievery... TM ATTORNEY JOHNSON, DANYTHE ELIZA Tell me they didn't rip you off, they started by infringing on names, colors, creeds even the damn minor logos, feel for ya Sparky, you are a master and they stole it.
  5. NHL global? In the sense anyone anywhere can access, I suppose. But just like silly UK sports no one here in North America cares about really we know they exist but don't give a damn. If Vegas shirts make it to India it is in a care package at Christmas.
  6. No doubt he'll get his TM No doubt this team will fail No doubt the fan base will care less (see expos) No doubt it is all Foley's fault If irony came into play it would be a big sign of the logo or a sky diver falling from above killing him accidently. The man has ripped off and pissed on so many groups for this name and logo all while alienating fans and rejecting two names we were willing to accept (Desert/Silver) that karma has to come though soon.
  7. Tell Bettsyman to give back the money or change the name.
  8. This is his big chance to move to Desert Knights, sell more merch and actually save face. However I think he believes a name change is bad for him when really it'd be heralded as a great move. After a week no one can complain anymore and he'd have a online presence again without such hate.
  9. It hurts to say it but I understand and agree. The world is one cold place.
  10. I agree they have to take that "I don't have to ask or pay" tactic but it still makes them look cold, real cold. I mean that school however small does have a trademark, they did use their name and a similar image. To then say we never had to ask, never did never will almost defies common sense and it is that self entitled attitude that may just cost them. Humbling yourself is sometimes the best way to resolve things. The Vegas team couldn't even spell the word humble. To think a billionaire or at this point one may think supposed billionaire would be so cruel and heartless over what to him is chump change is ridiculous.
  11. So the dust has settled and we have learned... 1.Vegas will fight this, submit "evidence" to reverse the finding (odds, pretty good unless Saint Rose sues but a coin flip honestly). Saint Rose should sue because there is cash there for the taking. 2.Vegas could lose the mark and still use the mark, but with no TM leaving it wide open for knock-off, not really a great option. 3. Saint Rose has basically said at this point just going day by day seeing what happens no decisions yet, fools imo if they don't act, I mean wth is the TM for then? 4.Vegas head lawyer has stated they did not ask Saint Rose and have no intention to or intent to pay anyone. Quite arrogant and argument is semi weak imo as it sounds more like a self entitled baby kicking and screaming. Bottom line, in the next week or so they will have sent off the paper work, several weeks or months later a decision and all along keep selling merch and the Army may or may not jump in. However it turns out I think it is worth noting how disgusting and semi shocking it is that this team purposely avoided the Army and School knowing they shouldn't have yet using their ability to bully and get their foot in the door as a means. They have imo tread all over their likenesses and with intent imo. My hope is the best for everyone but also that everyone reaps what they sow. See you guys in several weeks or months when the Golden Knights will be selecting players or the no names will be a laughing stock yet again.
  12. Better call Saul On a side note I assume he will respond, he has 6 months to fight the finding. However if he fails O M G what would that be like months/weeks before season opener next year. Id say he has to be contemplating Desert Knights now.
  13. Not true and especially not since the USPTO made a point to include this.... which btw is a huge HELLO to Army. "similar use not needed to cause confusion" goes on to site a case etc. Basically he used the same name, for sports, similar logo, uses similar twitter and domains with the addition or subtraction of the word "go". Tell me how they missed asking this school too, so he misses Army and this school, why? Oh ya guy thinks he can sneak by an obvious NO. Let me see Schools twitter Vegas uses @GoldenKnights Schools .tv domain is Vegas will use What's next, who is their Mascot Foley needs an idea LMAO