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  1. Well, the season Finale for Indycar, who do you got/want? I think Dixon will sneak in there and take it...
  2. A couple of shot from Mid-Ohio test prep this coming week, them radiators are sure close to front the inlets.
  3. I believe I read on track forum that it was done by the in graphics people at IMS, correct me if I'm wrong
  4. What don't you like about it, it's been the best racing series on the planet the last few years, except for a few of the ovals, which sometimes seem to a parade. But certainly nothing like F-1, which I like as well. Sure beats NAPCAR by a wide margin. As you can tell by my name i'm biased, to Indycar. Of course I honor your opinion
  5. I hold grudges forever, but not for Indycar. Are you attending in person, or watching on the tube? It's been in my blood since the late 60's when I was a lil' shaver.
  6. Kind of a mix of the last few years of logos in one.
  7. It's better, still not there yet. The nose is still to long, and the crap in front of the rear wheel needs to go also, and that deck as well.
  8. Looks like they based it off of the font Tartine Script
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