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  1. these will be a great pickup next summer for cheap.
  2. the shoulder striping matches the striping on the pants. It looks balanced when it's a full uniform shown. Shocked nobody has posted the full uniform yet.
  3. I just want brown leather gear for the Rangers
  4. Predators home jersey is growing on me. It's a subtle simple design. Capitals, Flames and Ducks could all learn some things about simplicity.
  5. rangers in navy jersey with current striping. Toned down font and numbers maybe
  6. they are in different directions because they are C's. Flames do the same thing.
  7. Panthers should go back to the navy jerseys during Bure run.
  8. there's so much black pants/gloves in the western conference, they should go all red for that reason alone. This team also has 3 logos with different colours. Its insane.
  9. the men and women counting the money at the end of the night disagree. They probably flew off the racks. And don't teams get a little extra money when they sell in team-store rather than elsewhere?
  10. I wonder what the London Knights are thinking. How does a junior hockey team not accept millions of dollars from an NHL team to copy their team name? Especially when the NHL team is now calling themselves Knights in arena and commentators on tv are saying Knights. Always take the money folks!
  11. should have black number with white then blue outlines. But its an awesome set. Hope it stays for 10 years.
  12. what will they do with the 3rd jerseys next season? I feel like they'll play it safe. Maybe bring back some old classics to make some $$$. Hoping for Rangers white Liberty with a new twist.