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  1. I mentioned it in the Pistons thread, but these are contenders for worst secondaries of the year...
  2. Pistons secondaries in team store Twitter post. Interlocking one looks like LAC leftover (D even like a C). Is that a ball/piston going through the D other one, recalling a B for Detroit Basketball? Can't tell. Neither are any good.
  3. Is that a sail in the negative space in the logo or am I inventing things?
  4. A couple of thoughts (Thanks to Conrad): Now that it's "official" is anyone surprised that the design is SO close to the old Bad Boys era logo? I would think this will take a significant bite out of their HWC sales. Also, this has to be an extremely rare instance of a parent club changing its logo to match its afiliate.
  5. I hadn't realized how much lighter the blue is in the new throwback. I think I prefer the old ones.
  6. He was a huge part of the Lions :censored:tiness. Embarrassing that they think he's on par with GSH.
  7. I feel like that's lost with the 17-18 logo though. The piston heads are now ovals.
  8. An elevator operator was giving out pins when I was leaving the Palace last night.
  9. This is the secondary that made the rounds last year:
  10. Oh, I know. But the logo is prominent on a high-profile collectible/giveaway. Seems like a fairly good indicator.
  11. Agreed. And I'm taking the above picture as confirmation of them doing exactly that.
  12. From Pistons' Snapchat today. Ben Wallace touring Little Caesars Arena. Notice the names of Piston champions ringing the new logo, along with the retired numbers. Beautiful.
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