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  1. John Mason, the team's PA announcer, started saying DEE-TROIT BASKET-BALLL prior to Pistons' out-of-bounds plays during the Pistons' early-2000s resurgence.
  2. Preseason schedule. "Official" logo is nowhere to be found but DETROIT BASKETBALL is there and partial of new logo is shown in background.
  3. The same Pistons source happened to find this at Lids today (with a Hardwood Classics patch on the side). Ahem.
  4. Ah yes, the community basketball court that they built.
  5. I just wish they would drop the charade and unveil it already.
  6. Pistons just built a new halfcourt in the community that mimics the leaked court design.
  7. It'd better mean that. Even if they had planned on waiting, it's time to surrender. This is ridiculous.
  8. Older images from the same Pistons source... Primary logo design https://mobile.twitter.com/DirtroitStonsMC/status/724624996602155008/photo/1 Secondary logo design https://mobile.twitter.com/DirtroitStonsMC/status/725066390139494405/photo/1 Home/road design https://mobile.twitter.com/DirtroitStonsMC/status/728232619448672256/photo/1 Stretch uni design https://mobile.twitter.com/DirtroitStonsMC/status/729694064900214784/photo/1 Primary logo design sheet https://mobile.twitter.com/DirtroitStonsMC/status/731194192618098688/photo/1 Secondary logo design sheet https://mobile.twitter.com/DirtroitStonsMC/status/731313911752994816/photo/1 Billboard design https://mobile.twitter.com/DirtroitStonsMC/status/739634869253382144/photo/1 17-18 60th Anniversary patch design https://mobile.twitter.com/DirtroitStonsMC/status/742464943191142400/photo/1 Red alt design https://mobile.twitter.com/DirtroitStonsMC/status/750397096117886977/photo/1 Court design https://mobile.twitter.com/DirtroitStonsMC/status/751805498081566720/photo/1
  9. Pistons court design source just DM'd me and said he saw 6 mannequins with new jerseys (including new secondary logos on the shorts) at the Palace tonight. Something could be imminent...
  10. 17-18 is also the Pistons' 60th anniversary.
  11. Should've been the Pistons, but who the hell knows what they're doing at this point...
  12. At least the design isn't scrapped. This "rollout" is still annoying as hell, though.
  13. This, along with the new Pistons logo, would be perfect. They do need a revamp of the old Leos "Mustang" logo like the one above. Detroit would then have an iconic logo set across all four sports.
  14. They're either too clever by half with orchestrated "leaks" and will reveal the logo in the next few weeks, or the Pistons have the most feckless marketing team on the planet that planned this stealth rollout for the 15-16 season with the "official" reveal idling until the Nike takeover in 17-18. Neither scenario reflects well on them.
  15. I don't think they are. I saw a mockup of new Piston billboards with the new logo that are supposed to go up in the next few weeks, allegedly. I'm waiting for the Draft. If nothing is official by then, they have to be waiting for Nike. As I've mentioned before, that new logo motif is EVERYWHERE.
  16. I'm guessing that they never canceled anything and were trying to be cute and keep it a "surprise." As you've seen, the new logo motif has been EVERYWHERE this year.
  17. Same jerseys with this on the shorts, allegedly:
  18. Looks like the Pistons are slowly revealing more elements of their new logo at community events, first on May 21, and then today, May 31. Images are from team Twitter posts. The Pistons have been making a concerted effort to reconnect with Detroit with the DETROIT BASKETBALL motif. At this rate, I'm guessing/thinking that there will be a formal logo reveal within the City of Detroit soon, presumably prior to the Draft.