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  1. Thank you for the input, this was my first submission and first attempt, I will consider that and improve for sure.
  2. I meant the sports logo or other logos inside the Steal Your Face.
  3. Like I said, The bowling ball site had the logos on the balls, I just thought the matchup with the swirl of the ball and the Dead was cool.
  4. I knew going in I was going to deal with the die hards, none of the logos here are official, they were included on the bowling balls.
  5. It seems to be a very common mashup, started with the SF Giants, not sure if your comment is a criticism or a compliment
  6. I decided to have a little fun with a cool bowling ball design and place it inside a Grateful Dead Logo, I thought the swirl on the bowling ball fit well. tell me what you all think. And yes I know St.Louis is LA, but I got what they had.