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  1. It was originally a cannon ball, thanks for noticing. But I added the rays to add more pop, and it eventually looked more like a sun. But it's actually a sun if you wanted to know.
  2. Hopefully this is what you meant by fixing the wave and fin
  3. You're right, I think I accidentally pulled this arena logo out of the wrong folder. Sorry guys. But like I said before I'm pretty sure the NBA would just decide to build a new arena
  4. 1. Teal was a no go cause it looked like I was trying to fit too many pieces on to the jersey making it look horrible. Maybe in the future though 2. The wave with the shark fin will be fixed, Thanks for pointing that out.
  5. I agree and know that, The only arena in Tamp, FL is the other Philips Arena. I'm pretty sure the NBA would just build an Arena, but I don't know what it would be called that's why I just used the Philips Arena logo used by the Tampa Bay Bolts Hockey team
  6. I just created these Utah Jazz Jersey Designs to go with there new logos. I am aware that there are already official Jerseys, but this is what I wish Utah chooses to wear if they decide to redesign. Tell me your thoughs?
  7. Me neither that's why is this more of a tweak to the brand rather than a total redesign, but it's tough to put the logo in a design that makes it look good. Thanks for the compliment.
  8. I totally agree with your opinion on the pride Jersey's, but so many teams use sleeved jerseys that I just had to add it in there to add a little diversity without having 4 sleeveless jerseys. If you want to edit the jerseys to show me how it would look, feel free. But I'm out of town so I can't get to my computer to edit them