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  1. ESPN has switched NASCAR to ESPN2 for Sunday Night Baseball if there is a rain delay in the past. one time though, they did preempt SNB to finish a race.
  2. Has a network delayed the Emmys for the NFL or NASCAR or even Golf? i've seen CBS hand off a Golf event to The Golf Channel for the Grammys, but have they delayed the Emmys?
  3. On the flip side, i've seen ESPN stay with a Busch race into CFB and even the Breeders Cup when they had the rights too. One time, because they had three NBA Playoff games at the same night, the Busch race had to air on ESPN Classic. FOX usually doesn't have issues with NASCAR, i've seen them stay with not just the Sprint Cup races, but they even stayed with a few Busch races into prime time. I know that for the most part the local news is delayed until a game is over...I remember a US Open match between Jimmy Connors and Aaron Krickstein that lasted long enough, it wiped out boith the local and network news. Those tennis matches can last a long time sometimes.
  4. haha Dave Hodge got mad that the CBC would switch to the news in the middle of the curling match. Well the next thing that happened was that they got into the same problem with the Habs/Flyers game in Montreal the same night. i know, it was CBC policy but at some point they had to change the rules to make sure a sporting event ended before the news started. Even viewers lit up switchboards at CBC stations across the country as well as at the network's Toronto headquarters the next Monday. So CBC changed their policy so that the news would not start until a game was over.
  5. it wasn't a regional coverage issue but it was a incident that my parents got mad about CBS switching to a game they should have NOT done so... in 1986 we were watching the Falcons Dolphins game. when that game ended rather than go to 60 Minutes, they switched to the Raiders Eagles game. needless to say, that game ran really long...it lasted 3 hours and 54 minutes. In your case they said they had to show 60 Minutes but they could have waited till the Louisville Minnesota game was over to start 60 Minutes. in my case, my parents were bitching about the "stupid football" cutting into their show and in your case you got mad they didn't delay 60 Minutes to finish a game that would have kept the whole network on the same page.(wouldn't make sense for CBS to have the whole network join the Louisville game so that they were on the same time schedule?) Ironically, a few months before the Louisville game you mentioned, CBS switched to a Giants/Cardinals game in Phoenix and it made my parents mad because they wanted to watch the Waltons Thanksgiving reunion movie and the game delayed the entire schedule so the movie started at 9:30 and ended at 11:30
  6. Your right, its the standard to keep the game until the end on the air. There are some exceptions like ABC switching a NASCAR race to ESPN2 for America's Funniest Home Videos and NBC switching a NHL game to NBCSN for the Preakness, but those are far and few between. In fact, the same night as the NASCAR race i mentioned, CBS stuck with the Chiefs-Chargers game in San Diego, delaying 60 Minutes.
  7. I was thinking a few years ago when ABC had the TCU-Baylor football game running way over into the NASCAR race in Charlotte. They missed the start of the race, but it could have been worse.
  8. NBC has delayed SNL for the NHL but the NHL is more popular than the XFL.
  9. How long have the networks been delaying prime time shows for sports like the NFL or even MLB?
  10. Since i've just joined this forum... Timmy: Did NBC switch back and forth between Three Rivers Stadium and the Oakland Coliseum during LCS G3? did they do the same thing with LCS G2 where they switched back and forth between Riverfront Stadium and Fenway Park?