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  1. While I quite like your new basketball, I'm not sure why you got rid of the windows. They're a cool nod to New York's buildings.
  2. While yeah, personally I agree "The Land" isn't the greatest thing to be putting on a jersey, it does work as a City Edition wordmark. I was going to later mess around with other wordmarks though, I just wanted to get the concept out. The yellow is a much better option in my eyes, and its actually a team colour unlike grey. As for the "Cleveland" and "Cavaliers" on the shorts stripes, my original intention was to keep them there, but I kinda forgot to add them on in my kinda rush to get these out. I'm not sure if it would look better with or without them tbh.
  3. I'm finally finished the Cavs concept! As a Cavs fan, I've always loved the yellow alternates that we had during the adidas era. I'm not a huge fan of the grey City uniforms, but they are okay. I've warmed to the "The Land" wordmark enough for it to stay with the rest of the City uniforms elements. All this really is, is a recolour of their current city jerseys, with less colours.
  4. Thanks! Making concepts allows us to do things that may not actually be possible. I do recall reading something about that, which is why the original Adidas ones didn't feature it iirc. I agree, the colour combo is one of my favourites, and would really inject the Nets with some colour. Black and White, whilst quite clean looking, gets stale after a while.
  5. After procrastinating on fixing the jerseys once more, and making a different idea, here's 3 more versions of the concept: This is just a fix of the kerning between the L and Y once again, so nothing too drastic here. These two are my take on the Dodgers baseball jersey style. A version of the Dodgers "Brooklyn" Script replaces the regular wordmark, with the current Dodgers number font, which correct me if I'm wrong is similar, if not the same as what was used whilst they were in Brooklyn. The B in the Diamond logo (a 1910's Dodgers logo slightly recoloured) replaces the full Brooklyn New York Roundel on the waistband. Brooklyn Script is from here, and the Diamond B logo is[url=]here[/url], though it seems it may actually be from the mothership. I made both a grey and blue version just for comparisons sake. The Cavs jersey is coming, but numbers are proving to be annoying, as I don't have a font to help with that. Copies off images haven't quite been the quality I'd like...
  6. With the cursive wordmark and block numbers? Keep the ABA Nets trim? I'd definitely do something based on the blue or grey ones here, mainly because I'm not a huge fan of the whole red numbers thing: Likely with grey instead of white (I love the blue on grey look). Fair enough, I did think it was still a little far away.
  7. I typed a downloaded font into Inkscape and converted that to a png. I have two Nets fonts, so I'll try both, see if it makes any difference. If not I'll just manually adjust it.
  8. Ah yeah I'm not sure why that has done that actually. I'll fix that a bit later.
  9. Hi all! Aside from keeping my fictional sport HoopBall running and interesting, I do occasionally have some ideas for other concepts, and this is where I will show them. I recently came across RG3's Nike NBA Template, and decided to make a concept that the Nets/Nike could use as a City alternate. I remember reading here that one set of jerseys would change each season, so why not pick up something that has already been done and looked great IMO. I personally loved the Nets "Brooklyn Blue" Dodgers alternates during the Adidas era, and considering that both the Nets alts this season are black/grey, the colourway deserves to make a comeback to break up all the dark colours. The colourway makes sense as a City alt, considering the original jerseys were meant as a homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Along with the colours, I used a monochrome ABA Nets style side striping. The Nets use a version of it on their Statement set currently, so this concept would fit well alongside. The rest of it speaks for itself really. C&C is welcomed. Up next there's a tweak I'd like to make to the Cavs' City jersey, whenever I get to it.
  10. I just figured it out, any layer that's put on the shorts needs to be turned into a clipping mask, otherwise it doesn't stay within the borders of the shorts.
  11. I've downloaded your template, and after fiddling around with it for a bit, I've figured out how to use it. Its pretty easy to use once figured out, and it looks good. How did you manage to get a different background to work? The transparent layers behind the shorts is the reason I can't get it to work.
  12. That's excellent. Hypebeast/10
  13. That works really quite well and would sell like crazy considering how hypebeast culture connects with sports. I don't think I've seen the white border around the logo that often if ever. A white and black one would probably finish out the "collection" well too. If you want pure excess then you need to do one with the Louis Vutton x Supreme pattern (I see it everywhere in NBA 2K18 Park, even here in Australia). Louis Vutton x Supreme x Adidas x DT Concepts has a nice ring to it...
  14. Brisbane looks incredible! As for alternates, throwbacks would more than likely to be the go. I remember sending a few through that I thought would work as alts
  15. Just use flickr or something of the sort and upload the pictures there. From what I understand you can only upload a certain amount each month through the boards. While I'm here, I'll say a few words. I feel that if you put a bit more effort into font choices, then some of these designs would look better. A different template would probably help with the overall look too, but I can also understand that the program you're using has it's limitations. I am sure that if you do those things, you'll continue to improve.
  16. Yeah that is true. Would you like me to send you a pm with some of my ideas? Or post them here in the thread?
  17. As an Australian, all of the AFL's jerseys are firmly ingraned in my memory. These concepts all look really good and retain plenty of the teams' indentities. I especially like the Crows set (I'm from Adelaide, so naturally I'm a fan) and Geelong. I like the use of the cat from their secondary logo on the shoulders, it really adds to the classic feel. GWS seems to be missing something, and I'm not sure on the grey on top white on the bottom striping pattern on the orange jersey. The white one however looks really great. I'm interested to see what you do with the vertical stripe teams (Collingwood, North Melbourne and Hawthorn) considering those jerseys are a big part of the those team's identities. Are you going to to alternates at any point for this series? If so, I have plenty of ideas and I even have one in mind for the next team...
  18. I honestly reckon that those are the best rockets concept I've seen on these boards. I personally really love the checkerboard striping, so that immediately gets my attention. I really like the way you've integrated yellow into the jerseys, it looks much better than like the Clutch City alts or the red and yellow alts before the Clutch City alts, largely due to the fact the wordmark isn't white. Drop the sleeves, and you've got the perfect modern red and yellow rockets unis.
  19. Honestly that's pretty cool. I'm not a fan of the shorts number, but I've never been of any shorts number. Maybe you could put it in a similar position to that of the jerseys these are inspired by? Making the jersey yellow and changing the colours of the logo really brings the whole idea out of the 90's and makes it a viable option. I wonder what the number would look like if it were white with a red outline, similar to the wordmark?
  20. As a whole, I really like this. I'm not a fan of concept 6, I feel as if that style doesn't really suit the Thunder. The font gives off too much of a north carolina feel, especially on the Icon. The lighting bolt side stripe is pretty cool though. I'm also not a fan of concept 4, purely because I'm not a fan of the whole circle wordmark thing. I like how in concept 1 you bought back the white alt jersey without the sleeves as the Athlete jersey. That alt was one of my personal favorite jerseys. I also really love the jersey/side striping in concept 3, it really cleans up OKC's look. I love everything about that set apart from the orange wordmark and numbers on the Icon jersey. Nice job, and I'd love to see what ideas you have for other teams.
  21. First off, all of these are great, I especially like Brooklyn, Cleveland (I too like the black alts) and Dallas. Denver's look pretty nice, but I'm going to have to agree with @KittSmith_95 in saying that the workmark (as much as I love it) doesn't quite fit. The Nuggets new number font might also work a bit better here. As for the idea of Denver wearing yellow on the road, that would work, as long as they aren't playing the Lakers...