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  1. Note this roster is still a work in progress so you will encounter some bugs. As of now 36 teams are playable with 5 create college players per team. (There's a limit on how many created players can be added to a roster.) This will be updated regularly so stay tuned for any notable changes. Features: 36 Authentic College Teams. Authentic Jerseys & Courts with the correct colors & designs. Projected starting 5 for each team. (more to come.) 100+ Created college players. Custom Tendencies, Signatures & Attributes Realistic scoreboard images. Trailer: How to setup: Written instructions: http://www.webgemsnyc.com/setup-ncaa-2k17-nba-2k17/ Video instructions:
  2. i just updated that post with a video. thanks, it wasn't that hard since I create jerseys & courts daily on youtube, i got used to the tools and workarounds.
  3. thanks to gswansea for allowing me to join in on the collab.
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