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  1. That is true. Very true. And if Hartford returned, Green would be the Dominant color
  2. I have completed the Home Jersey for the Hartford Whalers, going with the green from the 90s and adding a shoulder patch as well as the inaugural season patch. C&C Appreciated.
  3. Okay what do you propose for a new secondary Hartford Whalers logo?
  4. I will need some time to come up with the Logo, but thank you
  5. How would this look as a secondary logo to Hartford's infamous logo?
  6. Ah yes, the Hartford Whalers. Today, everybody loves the Whale. Everybody wants to see the Whale return. Of all the NHL teams that no longer exist, perhaps none are more popular and remembered more fondly than the Hartford Whalers. I personally loved the Whalers because of their unique logo, that wonderful marriage between a "W" and a whale tail to come together and form a hidden "H" in the middle. During their 18 years in Hartford, the team qualified for the NHL playoffs just eight times, with seven of those appearances coming as the fourth-place team in their division, originally the Norris and later the Adams. In five of their playoff seasons they finished with a losing record, including a 26-41-13 performance during the 1991-92 season, and only once did they advance beyond the first round. My question is, could the Hartford Whalers return? , If so, what would their logo and uniform concepts look like?
  7. That may work, My only concern about the Hamilton Tigers was that a players' strike after their last season resulted in the franchise's dissolution. But I would love old teams to return. I grew up when most teams were being folded or re-located to different locations. So it would be nice to get teams back
  8. I know there has been numerous attempts by teams to move to Hamilton, Ontario with none managing to succeed. What I am looking for is Inspiration for an NHL Team logo or a Concept logo to start with for an NHL Team in Hamilton. I am open to any suggestions. Plus, I am new to the forums on this website.
  9. Great Idea for a concept logo. I like it, even though I don't like the Islanders Fisherman logo, but that's beside the point. Nice Job