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  1. Love the Royals. The small addition of gold makes a big difference! Looking forward to the Storm Chasers and Naturals!
  2. I don't know how far off it is, but when you inevitably do the Royals, I might suggest keeping the current blue/gold/white color scheme. I know a lot of people try the purple/yellow look, and ultimately it is up to you, but I'd like to see your take on the current sets. Thanks!
  3. I love that you included an entire mini-set for the Taco identity. Looks awesome, along with the rest of the set!
  4. Here are a few logos I have done, the first two are primary and the last one is an alternate. I went with the black and orange because of the X-Wing Pilots, and if we do make logos, that will be what they are based off of. The last one is a nod to the Yavin 4 base, with the gas planet of Yavin and an X-Wing in the sky, and the forests and temple of Yavin towards the bottom. Any c&c is well appreciated, and I will continue to tweak my designs.
  5. @Pulv! those logos are absolutely stunning. Great work!
  6. As the two above said, I think you should remove a lot of the edges and simplify it a little bit. I love the idea of the front facing cardinal, as it isn't seen too often. As for who to take it to, I might suggest your athletic director? I think they would probably have the most say in it, as they are the ones overseeing much of the logo usage.
  7. Sweet, I was hoping this would get running back up! I think I might start working on some alternate logos and stuff!
  8. Love the Washington uni's, very classic look.
  9. As said above, Dartmouth slightly resembles the Jets, and it's a simple, clean look. Don't quite know if you're doing requests or not, but I'd be interested to see what you do with the teams with classic looks (Ohio State, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, etc). Great thread!
  10. Absolutely killed it on the Rays. Great look!
  11. Despite the terrible name, I think the two Pelicans throwbacks they included in their set are pretty sharp.
  12. As a fellow Kansas Citian, I think you absolutely nailed that Royals set @Saathoff. I'd buy that hat & uni combo in a heartbeat! Great job!
  13. Questions: is someone going to provide us with uniform templates or is that our responsibility?
  14. I was trying to create some logos for the Banthas and didn't like the color limitations so with that in mind, I'd like to change my team name. Reno Rebels: Colors: Red and Blue Stadium: Alliance Field Conference: Light Note: I know the team name and logo are pretty simple, but I will try and make up for that in the uniforms
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