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  1. Who among us is a regular caller on any sports talk shows? I'm a truck driver with XM Radio, and I'm not a regular caller on any sports talk show, but l listen to Mad Dog Radio regularly. Anyone want to fess up to being a regular caller?

  2. St. Louis Cardinals: Musial Stadium. Hands down, the greatest Cardinal that ever lived.

    St. Louis Blues: l dunno, the Arena. Nothing pops with this depressing organization😠

    Pittsburgh Steelers: Rooney Stadium. This family has simply built a class organization😊

    Atlanta Hawks: Bring back the Omni moniker!

    Mizzou: Football, just keep Faurot. Basketball, expand Stewart name to the entire arena.

  3. On 4/5/2019 at 11:12 PM, dfwabel said:

    The XL Center



    When Ralston Purina owned the St. Louis Arena, it was the Checkerdome


    It was named the Checkerdome due to Purina's corporate logo. We just called it the Arena, and it was a dump😕

  4. 51 minutes ago, CrimsonBull9584 said:


    I have no idea honestly. I never dealt with the marketing team, outside of those working on Instagram and Twitter. But even they were concerned with a lack of traditional advertisement. 

    Indeed, we live in Metro Atlanta, and the lack of traditional promotion for the Legends was noticeable to me. No billboard promotion around Atlanta, 92.9, our big sports talk station rarely discussed the AAF, if ever.

  5. On 3/31/2019 at 12:38 PM, officeglenn said:


    Yup, it was announced about two weeks ago and mentioned in the NBA Changes 2018-19 thread: 


    As such, merging this with that thread. 

    Thanks for merging. I searched OKC Thunder and sponsorship and found nothing, my bad.

  6. On 3/31/2019 at 1:15 PM, Buc said:


    Unless and until Kwik Trip expands outside the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin, I try to fuel there as much as they can...and right now no one is touching their fuel rewards program. PFJ can kick rocks.


    (Oh--& yes, you win five internet bucks.)

    I agree, Buc. I drive OTR also, and PFJ is the worst!!! Now my company only wants us fueling with PFJ because of agreed discounts. But, l also own a truck here at home (a rollback) and l only buy its diesel at Love's.

  7. 2 minutes ago, infrared41 said:


    Don't post every thought that pops into your head. Don't type a separate post for every thought that pops into your head. Calm down a little and think before you post. A good rule of thumb around here is to read each post twice before posting it. Make sure you really want to say what you're about to say. 


  8. 12 minutes ago, Quillz said:

    If he's NFL caliber, he won't be going to your Legends. (Or the CFL).


    He'll actually be taking his talents to the Lions.

    But Foles would be soooo perfect in DC, no?

  9. 9 minutes ago, Ice_Cap said:

    Both Brady and Brees had chances to take their team to the Super Bowl in their respective Conference Championship games in OT. Brady marched down the field and got it done. Brees threw a pick to a guy falling on his ass.

    Kind of shows why Brady has six rings to Brees' one, really.


    I remember the year after Favre's remarkable first season with Minnesota. Played the best football of his career save for a boneheaded INT in the NFC Championship Game. I said, on this message board, "he's old, he may not be able to do it again next year."
    And someone who I will not specify said "lol he's playing amazing you don't know what you're talking about." Turns out Favre looked old and tired the next season. Sometimes you go from the top of the game to old and broken over the course of one off-season. Once you hit 40? That could come at any time.




    Again, look at Favre's last two years. Or the end of Manning's career. You can go from "elite QB" to "old and broken" almost overnight.

    Amen!!!! I'm 45 and feel like a chunk of rock most mornings!!! 

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