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  1. So, you can pull a part of my reply to "Your favorite car" topic and call me an idiot? You are a beacon of intelligence! Have a great day flexing your internet muscles!!! 

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    2. verno


      When was l "uncivil?"

    3. verno


      Oh!!!! You're so literal, aren't you? Do you understand how this works?

    4. infrared41


      Yup, you really don’t know when to quit. 

  2. Who among us is a regular caller on any sports talk shows? I'm a truck driver with XM Radio, and I'm not a regular caller on any sports talk show, but l listen to Mad Dog Radio regularly. Anyone want to fess up to being a regular caller?
  3. I dislike Johnson or any car wearing a bowtie, but big congratulations to him!!!
  4. St. Louis Cardinals: Musial Stadium. Hands down, the greatest Cardinal that ever lived. St. Louis Blues: l dunno, the Arena. Nothing pops with this depressing organization Pittsburgh Steelers: Rooney Stadium. This family has simply built a class organization Atlanta Hawks: Bring back the Omni moniker! Mizzou: Football, just keep Faurot. Basketball, expand Stewart name to the entire arena.
  5. It was named the Checkerdome due to Purina's corporate logo. We just called it the Arena, and it was a dump
  6. Indeed, we live in Metro Atlanta, and the lack of traditional promotion for the Legends was noticeable to me. No billboard promotion around Atlanta, 92.9, our big sports talk station rarely discussed the AAF, if ever.
  7. Thanks for merging. I searched OKC Thunder and sponsorship and found nothing, my bad.
  8. I agree, Buc. I drive OTR also, and PFJ is the worst!!! Now my company only wants us fueling with PFJ because of agreed discounts. But, l also own a truck here at home (a rollback) and l only buy its diesel at Love's.
  9. Did l see this correctly? Are the Thunder now wearing Love's Travel Center sponsorship patches? Welcome to the fold if true, uffff!
  10. Oh, 41, will you have AAF uniform matchups?
  11. Hey, l thoroughly enjoy this community! Keep me in line when needed
  12. To be honest, the Foles post seemed like a stand alone topic, despite a questionable heading. My apologies.
  13. I'm the perfect person to get a grammar lesson!