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  1. Assuming the AL and NL will be retained with something like their historical memberships, the following would work and still accomplish the above goals: AL East: BAL, BOS, CHA, MIA, MON, NYY, TB, TOR AL Central: CHW, CLE, DET, HOU, KC, MIL, MIN, TEX NL East: ATL, CHC, CIN, NYM, PHI, PIT, STL, WAS NL West: ANA, ARI, COL, LA, OAK, SD, SF, SEA Schedule: 14 games vs. each division opponent, 7 games vs. each opponent in another division, which would rotate on a 3-year basis. Total 154 games. (Actually I'd love to go back to 22 games vs. each division opponent with no interdivisional play and only the division winners in the playoffs, but I wanted to propose something that has a chance to actually be approved by MLB owners.) Postseason: Top 2 in each division. (With the more division-based schedule, wild cards cannot be justified.) All postseason series would be best of 7. Potential downside: NYM-NYY and CHC-CHW would only occur every third year. But would anyone care? Note the fact that all Pacific time zone teams being in the NL would not make travel more difficult for NL clubs because NL East clubs would not be playing NL West clubs any more than AL clubs do, just once every third year.
  2. MLB Realignment: Goals: -more balanced schedule to meaningfully compare records of all teams -larger divisions to increase the chances of the top teams making playoffs -geographical grouping in Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones to cut down on travel -address concerns voiced during 1997 realignment talks: -CHC, CHW did not want to be in same division because it would decrease total # of games on WGN. -NYM, PIT, CIN, ATL did not want to join AL -keep the same number of teams in all divisions in case of expansion teams -shorten schedule as has been discussed by MLB already and will be again at next labor talks Proposal: (assumes expansion to Montreal and Charlotte, can be done without expansion) MLB East: BAL, BOS, CHW, CLE, DET, MON, NYY, TOR MLB Atlantic: ATL, CHA, MIA, NYM, PHI, PIT, TB, WAS MLB Central: CHC, CIN, HOU, KC, MIL, MIN, STL, TEX MLB West: ANA, ARI, COL, LA, OAK, SD, SF, SEA Schedule: 12 games vs. each division opponent, 3 games vs. each remaining team in MLB. Total 156 games. So every team in baseball has at least 93 games in common with any other team, making record comparisons for the wild cards meaningful. Postseason: 4 division winners and 4 wild cards. No play-in games. All series best of 7. If expansion teams are Montreal and Mexico, then CIN goes to Atlantic and Mexico goes to Central. If expansion teams are Montreal and Portland, then CIN goes to Atlantic, Colorado goes to Central, and Portland goes to Pacific. Other combinations of MON, CHA, MEX, SA, & POR (the likely expansion candidates) only involve CIN and COL moving among the Atlantic, Central, and Pacific as appropriate to accommodate the expansion teams.
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