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  1. When I said NFL Europe uniforms i mean if the league was still operable in 2017 JMU has that look. Reminds me of the London Monarchs
  2. UVA JMU W&M and Norfolk State looks the past few games. JMU has 2017 NFL Europe uniforms UVA should go back to the Antoine Womack era look William and Mary is forever sharp Norfolk State should get a green yellow a black look that matches their white uniforms.
  3. Some would say this is the Gold Standard for NC State (See what i did there ?)
  4. Lehigh vs New Hampshire Not bad in looks but the last pic I think are looks both schools should've stayed with.
  5. Weber State vs Chattanooga Ick....Needs improvements.
  6. San Diego vs Cal Poly. Simple and effective. San Diego should experiment more. Cal Poly is what UNC Charlotte is supposed to look like EP-311269809.jpg&updated=201611262156&MaxW=800&maxH=800&noborder
  7. South Dakota State has a great logo... interesting colors. But the helmets are off a bit . Villanovan looks A lot like the Eagles
  8. JMU vs Elon. Only a matter of time this school transitions to FBS.
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