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  1. I love the Broncos in all blue. I wear all blue most of the time I play with them in Madden. However, Broncos Country is gung ho about orange, so we will only see blue on an alternate basis.
  2. Yep blue on white it is. Though they did wear mono blue in 2010 against Houston.
  3. Yeah I agree the Broncos should adopt their Color Rush jerseys as a modern update to their current set. Add white pants and navy blue stripes to the orange jerseys. Navy blue alternate. However, I would change the numerals, looks too much like the Browns.
  4. if the Bengals and Dolphins swapped helmet colors, both uniforms would look great.
  5. if the Titans ditched that out of place white helmet for Columbia blue, their set would look nice. And no more navy blue pants only Seattle pulls it off nicely.
  6. I know the Rams are going to wear white for all of their home games this year but weren't they also supposed to wear their throwbacks against SEA and SF?