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  1. Cant wait to see rest of teams, especially Ottawa Fury FC
  2. Chelsea 17/18 jerseys concept Home Away Third
  3. i'm thinking about add a ear of grain around badge, like it's on original crest. Maybe this will made it looks better.
  4. Śląsk Wrocław badge concept beta
  5. I found pretty nice jerseys template, where i have new adidas, puma and nike template. It's hard to edit this so i need re-edit this template for myself, and need to do shorts and socks. I dont know author/authors unfortunately so i cant give credits. Adidas Liverpool Home and Away
  6. I love your template. Designs are also decent
  7. PSG Kit Concept HOME AWAY THIRD
  8. Cities Home and Third kit is really nice, but i dont like stripes, i think you could go with clean jersey. Away kit could be more third kit according to me, i would do there with black and red stripes finished with gold nike and monochrome badge
  9. I have just made a little redesign of US National Soccer Badge I just dont like curves in badge so i redesign it to straight shape, this is part one of my second project "US Soccer Redesgin", now i need to make jerseys, but with real mockup - so need to do one I'm thinking about adding 3 stars like on old badge.
  10. Yeah, third kit is supposed to look like firefighter uniform. I will edit tomorrow both away kits. Regarding home kit, i wanted to use different color than base color of jersey, but i will make with red shorts as a alternative home kit. Next team will be Colorado Rapids. Now i'm going to watch Legia's match against Sporting - please no more 6-0...
  11. For Away kit i will do this in 30 minutes. Alternate kit colors are crazy, but i dont want to make colors like Roma and Internazionale - both 3rd kits looks like Sprite and Fanta. I almost end Chicago Fire, but i have to do 3rd kit.
  12. MLS in 2018 by Nike Series So maybe a little story. Contract Adidas - MLS ends in 2018. Nike sign better contract with MLS and from now they are doing kits for MLS. I will do a better graphic design along with history of the club etc. I'm going with clubs alphabetically. HOME AWAY THIRD
  13. I will edit Poznań later. I'm thinking about designing all MLS clubs but by Nike, but i would need to use raysox template because this i use now for nike its hard to edit.
  14. Lech Poznan kit concept 17/18, standard stylish home and away with blue/white colors.
  15. I was thinking about "1947" on collar. These mesh panels are vents named aeroswift, somethink like dri-fit, so they are build into Vapor kit (one of vapor kit versions of course, because there is vapor kit without aeroswift), unfortunately I cant add them at back of kit I will add today Lech Poznan kit, and also now update Man Utd black socks to home kit.
  16. Manchester United kit concept, i has used raysox template for this because i need more time to end my template. Home: Classic red and white style Away: Throwback to 07/09 season when Nike made probably the best kit for Man United, full black with red elements.
  17. Away kit has classic club colors: white and green Third kit is pure black and gold scheme, along with monochromatic badge, to celebrate 70th birthdays of club.