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  1. As Fowler recently said, they'll make the next uniform change when they start winning again, around 2020. So whatever they feel most strongly about we'll see then. They want the fans to associate the next uniform with winning, which will, in theory, make it more popular. I also suspect that Fowler likes white and blue, and that's why we've been stuck with it. But if he decides to add a third color, it will be red or yellow before it will be any uniform with brown. Padres fans with an appreciation for our history of brown and who desire a unique identity are SOL. We've already been fed our one bone on Friday nights. It's cliche blue something or other five days of the week for as far as the eye can see.
  2. Of course they get more requests for red, white, and blue -- their corporate focus group approach values casual fans more than back to brown fans. And casual fans love cliches -- you can't get more cliche than red, white, and blue. I believe it's inevitable with their sycophantic groveling to the navy. The Padres will finally stop looking like the Dodgers so that they can finally start looking like the Braves.
  3. I like the avant garde approach to the Jays Canadian inspired uniform. It's meant to be formally inventive by altering the blue jay. Some fans might not get this, but over time I suspect people will appreciate the ironic twist for its uniqueness and boldness. I also like that piping on the leg.
  4. First, the problem with blue is that it's overused and cliche, not that it can't look good. Blue in any form doesn't create a unique identity for the Padres, who in fact have a unique identity already with brown. This is especially relevant now that the Chargers have left town because there's no historical link that can be justified between San Diego's football team and baseball team, and because the Padres ought to look distinct from the next door Dodgers, one of our greatest rivals. The Padres should try to avoid linking their main color to LA's main colors. Second, we've also learned that the Padres focus group study included "casual fans," the kind of people who are more likely to find a cliche like blue desirable because it allows them to wear gear in their everyday lives. But this is a horrible way to honor the passion and tradition of Padre fans who experienced and enjoy the history of brown. We've also learned from this article that MLB does have a say about the uniforms their teams design, contrary too what some have said: So now we understand why the Padres have such a cliche, boring look. MLB has a preference for "classic" designs while the Padres focus group consisted of community leaders (why are they experts on uniform colors?), season ticket holders (reasonable), and casual fans (awful). Really, only one of these groups, IMO, should be a major part of the decision making: season ticket holders, but they should also include passionate groups like the back to the brown movement who have spent a great amount of time showing interest in the subject.
  5. Shouldn't the Padres try the friar on the cap someday? Isn't it a bit surprising they've never done it once?
  6. I have a major problem with the Padres approach to research. For one, I doubt they consider fan enthusiasm. Just because someone votes for blue doesn't mean they love it. But we know that there's passionate support for brown that's also fairly large in number. Another problem is they don't seem to care what experts think, or those with experience in what makes a good uniform. The people on this forum have more knowledge on the issue than whoever they have in charge. It's really frustrating for them to be this incompetent.
  7. So I tweeted to Dennis Lin (Padres beat reporter for the UT) about the Padres cutting the yellow from their uniforms, and I asked 1) to confirm what he had said last season in a chat about MLB pushing the Padres to cut yellow and 2) ultimately why the Padres decided to cut it. Here's what he said: I thought this was really surprising. I haven't heard many people at all say they disliked yellow. EDIT: Padres' owner on the uniform changes: So Fowler doesn't like brown and doesn't want to admit that returning to it would increase the popularity, which means as long as he's in charge brown will not return. I'm going to have to reconsider remaining a Padres fan.
  8. I agree it works great on the sleeve, but I can't help but think that means it's great for the front of the jersey too.
  9. Does it make any sense to add the Friar to the face of the jersey itself? Too gaudy?
  10. The St. Louis Browns offer some visual examples from the past:
  11. Peter Seidler said: Looks like the "brain trust" has decided to compound their mistake by actually keeping these uniforms long term and thinking that they will become popular simply if the Padres win in them. Hilarious that Seidler has that much faith in winning. In SD all we can really count on is our team identity, and we currently have none.
  12. Blue is so overused I don't want it even if it looks good. It's time to return to our roots and identity that distinguish us from the rest of the league. Anything else is just generic imitation. No more cliche, threadbare blue. I won't be spending a dime on the Padres until they either return to brown or head to the WS. That means I'll never waste money on them again. I encourage all fans of the authentic colors to boycott too. I also hope this new ownership fails and has to sell as soon as possible.
  13. It's absolutely true. Padres beat reporter Dennis Lin stated so in a UT Padres chat months ago.
  14. One of the best logos in baseball. Let's pretend it doesn't exist.