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  1. It doesn't look too bad but its still bad. This is the only photo I could find on their website. http://www.nba.com/bulls/gallery/photo-gallery-nike-association-and-icon-uniforms
  2. Its annoying that this new template got rid of one of their coolest design elements, the negative space "W" under the star element on the side panel of the shorts. I get the functionality of the overlapping fabric, but the offset slit ruins it! Old for reference:
  3. THIS. It's ridiculous that the "belt buckle" has to be a rectangular patch of some sort. They could've just put 4 stars right there in between the stripes so it wouldn't look cut off.
  4. There's also a green pinstripe on the old classics as well.
  5. Hoping that this really isn't legit but either way, please NIKE.... enough with the wishbone collar.
  6. Probably to give us something to complain about on this message board... or actually to give them an excuse to use "chrome" as a team color. I'm sure with this logo, we'll see some version of the GFGS Detroit Chrome jersey in the new template.
  7. The Saints one is the only one that works for me. Those colors are the only ones that look right with that pattern. The rest of the teams... meh.
  8. What is the point of having another white star of different material on top of an existing white star? I feel like this would look cleaner if it was just the "background" white star only.
  9. I think people are saying this because the new Cavs jersey reminds them of the old Red/White/Navy Hawks uniform template with the weird piping and V-neck collar.
  10. The backside of this has got to be black too!
  11. I was hoping Nike would eliminate the Warriors' wishbone collar and replace it with a V or a basic crewneck... It's disappointing that they reduced the amount of yellow from the collar instead. Also, it looks like they centered the numbers inside the circle... looks a bit strange.
  12. The Kroenke's own the Nuggets too, so maybe its a nod to the Rams going to navy and white? Hopefully this won't mean the Nuggets are phasing out gold as well...
  13. My post was delayed for some reason and didn't go through until now. Totally agree with you man.
  14. They still play in Oakland... they won the title in Oakland... Oakland is not referred to as "The City," but rather "The Town." This really should say "THE TOWN RULES THE LAND." C'mon Adidas...
  15. Can someone make a mockup of a C sword with the actual C from the new wordmark? I think that's what they should've done and it would look a lot better than this mess. That old C just clashes too much with the new logos.
  16. This is tacky if they use the championship logos... especially with TWO of them on the court. They only have one championship so far. I feel like this would be warranted if they won it back-to-back. (Hopefully they won't... )
  17. Beautiful, but why did they not keep the wordmark tilted like on the originals? Smh adidas...
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