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  1. Louisville, Raleigh, Albuquerque, and Fresno could all be relocation cities as well as San Jose and expansion choices if the AAF survives its first year and needs to relocate 1-2 teams. Expansion, on the other hand, might need to wait till a 3rd year although the addition of 1-2 teams in year 2 might work.
  2. So halfway thru the inaugural season of AAF football, it's time for a mid-season grade. Three of the cities seem to of embraced the product. In no particular order, San Antonio, Orlando, and San Diego seem to be good choices for AAF franchises. Out of the remaining 5 cities while Birmingham and Memphis look good on paper it seems that these cities have had their share of minor league football teams and both support college football more than they'll ever support a pro team. Atlanta would be a good candidate for relocation in Raleigh NC. As for Arizona, the state has trouble supporting 4 different teams and with the cactus league having started that has worked against them. Salt Lake City has not had good weather and also a slow start which has also hurt them. They would be a good candidate to move to Oakland if things don't work out in Salt Lake City. As for attendance, it looks like the realistic goals are between 10,000 and 30,000. The 3 franchises I mentioned as good choices are capable of 20,000 to 30,000 per game; The other 5 will struggle to reach 20k per game. The bright spot of the league seems to be the TV ratings. Whether that can save the AAF remains to be seen. People only have so much discretionary income to spend and high ticket; high concession prices do not help in an economy which is sputtering and in a sports market where there is so much competition. I'm wondering what ownership thought was attainable attendance and now halfway thru the season what realistic attendance goals were/are. As for a midseason grade: My heart says B- but my gut says C-plus. I hope the AAF survives and does not fold after 1 year. But ownership might need more investors to survive.
  3. This look would look good as a road look.And as @msubulldog said wear those blue jerseys at home more.Maybe do it against AFC opponents.The green pants for whatever reason have grown on me at least for home games.Note to Jerry Jones.If you want to increase jersey sales wear blue and silver more often.
  4. Unless it's like the 1979 NFC championship game where LA wore white and made Dallas wear the blue jerseys.
  5. If the Rams can wear their throwbacks boy would that look good under the lights against the Cowboys.But....wearing the all white uni and making Dallas wear the Blue jerseys might be just as good a matchup.Don't think the Saints will change from all black but black and gold pants would be nice.
  6. The league was very generous in waiving previous rules regarding uniforms as with the Rams,Ravens,and Dolphins all getting waivers on uniform choices.
  7. Yeah the letters on the pants and jersey have to go.Bring back the Brian Sipe era uni's next time around;come out with a cream colored throwback jersey with Brownie the Elf as a patch on the front with brown pants and put numbers on one side of the helmet and your going to have a good looking uniform to go with the improved product on the field.
  8. Actually thought the Browns white over brown looked alright against the Ravens black over purple.Maybe the Saints will have the sense to wear black over gold in 2 weeks now that they got smacked wearing the all black.One can hope.
  9. Raiders should play their 3 division games in Reno,Nevada.4 games in Santa Clara and 1 in Mexico City or London.
  10. Thanks for this weekly thread infared41.Nice place to see what some folks like or dislike.For what might be the last time in Oakland I liked the Raiders/Broncos matchup.Same for Bears/49ers.Also like the Giants road jerseys.They seem to like them as well as they've won 2 Super Bowls in them.
  11. Agreed.The Saints look so much better with black over gold but since they lost in that combo in week one we'll probably not see it anymore.You can bet if Philly wins Sunday at Washington wearing all white and gets in the playoffs they're wearing that combo in the playoffs until they lose.Teams are like that.
  12. Why can't the Chargers wear white pants with the Navy tops at home.Do they think it's a San Diego look? The all white look at least on the road looks much better at night than during the day for them.And yes Buffalo needs to burn the red jerseys and red pants.Now.
  13. Have to say the you might see the Browns wearing brown at home at lot more now that they've won a game.When they get a chance to re-design the uniform go back to basics;the uniform worn during the Brian Sipe era,Incorporate the Elf logo and have a Cream colored jersey as a third jersey.
  14. Good for them.Stand up to the politically incorrect crowd.Like it.
  15. My choice would be 9/27 against Minnesota and 10/28 against Green Bay;both home games.They would also look good in the throwbacks Opening Monday night 9/10 @ Oakland if they could convince the Raiders to wear white.