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  1. Totally agree. If anything to save potential lawsuits coming down the road as a result of playing. And while reactive is good,proactive is better. And while i would love to see sports continue at least for the next couple of weeks it's better to take the rather safe than sorry road. And Golbert is in the running for idiot of the year.
  2. The NHL can't be far behind. After all they share the same arena's in most cases. I guess the question now is how long is the season suspended; at some point will it resume w playoffs or will there be a giant * on the 2020 season for the NBA,NHL, NCAA, XFL,and MLB seasons. Well that escalated quickly.
  3. Yet what about all the people that work at the arena? Or the communication truck? Or the broadcasters? What about them? Shouldn't they be also thought of?
  4. If the governor of the state of Washington decides to quarantine the Entire state to stop the spread of Covid-19 as reports are circulating that he will then I would think the game would be postponed/rescheduled.
  5. The Ivy league has just cancelled the mens and womens tournaments due to Covid-19.
  6. Very good points. If you do not have any pre-existing conditions and are in good shape you should be good. Might be nice to see NBA teams playing in the practice gym but that would depend on the contract they would have w the arena.
  7. Good point. But.......If I'm an MLB owner if I don't play the games I don't have to pay my players.Correct? And I'm sure somewhere there is an "Exigent/Adverse circumstance clause that could be applied. I'm not trying to incite a riot.But with Apple telling their employees to work from home think about the economic implications of those employees not going out to lunch in that immediate area. That's gotta be a 80% drop in sales for that restaurant.
  8. Agreed,but if the NBA is thinking about playing games in front of empty seats they have to be talking about it. Regarding March Madness. If they would play in front of no fans if I'm a lawyer I'm drooling at the opportunity of suing the ncaa on behalf of my clients who would have to report to work under potential hazardous conditions. Just an opinion.
  9. With about 5 states declaring a medical state of emergency due to Covid-19 and the MLB and March Madness ncaa tournament coming soon I'd like to hear posters thoughts on the possibility on cancelling/suspending, or playing in front of no fans the above 2 sporting events coming soon. Also add the XFL to that group as teams in Seattle and LA are affected by this situation. Again,just your honest opinion on this.Say it was April 7th instead of March 7th. Do you think the public health depts of San Francisco or Seattle would want 35,000 people in close proximity at baseball games?
  10. Mercy. What prompted the Saints to go with the all white(pajama bottoms) at home this week. Did they think they would get a waiver from the league to wear the throw back uniforms and when the league said no why not wear the black or gold pants with the white tops. Who's dressing the Saints these days? Ken? (Barbie's BF?) Worst look in the league. Way worse than the Titan's Navy or Jets all Black.
  11. Yes,totally agree. Especially the Chargers in navy pants and the Jaguars in teal pants. And yes Titans those columbia tops would of really popped with the navy pants yesterday and columbia pants go well with Navy or White pants. But as MSU Bulldog pointed out someone in the Titans hierarchy;maybe Amy Adams likes those Navy Britches. Anyone know why the Saints have abandoned the black pants on the road?
  12. Totally agree. The Lions wore their throwbacks I believe against Kansas City at home while the Bears wore theirs against Minnesota and will wear them against Dallas in December. They wore the orange jerseys against the Chargers. Some of these teams I can't figure out the logic in how they wear throwbacks against teams that are newer vs established rivals.
  13. A lot of teams I believe leave the choice of uniform up to the starting pitcher. And if a team starts winning in that jersey they normally wear it then until they lose. And they can wear an alternative jersey too much. Consider the White Sox. Beautiful road grey uniform but has not been worn once this year on the road as the black top has been only worn. I like the black top. But I'm sick of seeing it every road game and at half of the home games.
  14. Well, that's a dang shame that the AAF would suspend operations 4 days before CBS was going to give the league free exposure for 3 hours. Are these guys running the league that dense that they underestimated cost and reaction to a minor league football in the spring? If Dundon lost $70 million in 7 weeks just Wow.