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  1. A lot of teams I believe leave the choice of uniform up to the starting pitcher. And if a team starts winning in that jersey they normally wear it then until they lose. And they can wear an alternative jersey too much. Consider the White Sox. Beautiful road grey uniform but has not been worn once this year on the road as the black top has been only worn. I like the black top. But I'm sick of seeing it every road game and at half of the home games.
  2. Well, that's a dang shame that the AAF would suspend operations 4 days before CBS was going to give the league free exposure for 3 hours. Are these guys running the league that dense that they underestimated cost and reaction to a minor league football in the spring? If Dundon lost $70 million in 7 weeks just Wow.
  3. The AAF would be foolish to suspend/end the season before this weekend as CBS will be televising the game before the 2 final four NCAA basketball games and what better way to get advertising than with a CBS broadcast. If the game is competitive and close as a good amount of the games this year have been the AAF might get that bump up in fan interest.
  4. It was their last home game I believe and with no postseason to look forward to he might of just been saying thanks.
  5. Well the AAF has to understand discretionary income and how there's only so much of it to go around. And while sports does make up a good portion of that income they should have thought this out and offered Fair prices, to begin with. Heck, it's a minor league playing in a different season for football competing with college basketball and spring training. If I lived in one of the 8 AAF cities I would not have bought a ticket if it cost more than $30.I probably would buy the cheapest $10-15 ticket and snuck into the more expensive seats as most people would have. And there's also concessions and parking. It all adds up.
  6. Probably not and seeing that San Diego @ Arizona drew under 10,000 fans this past Sunday as one of the other posters predicted going forward the survival of the AAF will be determined whether teams can draw at least 10,000 per game.
  7. Could have won in week 2 at Birmingham.Lost 12-9 Could have won in week 5 at San Diego.Lost 27-25 Could have won in week 7 at San Antonio.Lost 19-15 There. Fixed for you.
  8. Salt Lake has been the hard luck team so far with at least 3 games they could of won and as the other poster mentioned a rough winter so they're first on the list for relocation. Followed by Atlanta. Tonight's Fleet/Hotshots game is an important game not only in the standings but attendance wise as well.
  9. San Antonio doesn't have a NFL,NHL,or MLB team and has embraced their AAF team as have San Diego and Orlando. The rest of the teams. Not so much.
  10. That's not to bad of a jersey. Too bad they didn't have those threads when they played in San Diego against the Fleet.
  11. Wow. Don't know what to make of moving the title game unless the AAF realizes they would of only drawn 15,000 in Vegas so they made the move. For the AAF to survive they're going to need a cash infusion in year 2. Where that comes from is anyone's guess.
  12. I don't know if they still do this but the AL and NL used to have 2 ways of counting 1 was tickets sold, the other was tickets scanned. Forget who was who though.
  13. 20,000 is a good amount for the Fleet although they had a special buy 2 tickets, get 2 tickets for free for the game.I believe the Fleet play 3 straight on the road now so we'll see how good they are. Moving the Hotshots to Tuscon would be a good thing; I'd like to see the Stallions survive where they're at but if there's a 2nd year for them it's probably in another city.I don't know what effect Johnnie Manziel will have on a 1-5 team who might play spoiler unless it's to bring fannies to the seats as well. I hope the AAF survives.
  14. Louisville, Raleigh, Albuquerque, and Fresno could all be relocation cities as well as San Jose and expansion choices if the AAF survives its first year and needs to relocate 1-2 teams. Expansion, on the other hand, might need to wait till a 3rd year although the addition of 1-2 teams in year 2 might work.
  15. So halfway thru the inaugural season of AAF football, it's time for a mid-season grade. Three of the cities seem to of embraced the product. In no particular order, San Antonio, Orlando, and San Diego seem to be good choices for AAF franchises. Out of the remaining 5 cities while Birmingham and Memphis look good on paper it seems that these cities have had their share of minor league football teams and both support college football more than they'll ever support a pro team. Atlanta would be a good candidate for relocation in Raleigh NC. As for Arizona, the state has trouble supporting 4 different teams and with the cactus league having started that has worked against them. Salt Lake City has not had good weather and also a slow start which has also hurt them. They would be a good candidate to move to Oakland if things don't work out in Salt Lake City. As for attendance, it looks like the realistic goals are between 10,000 and 30,000. The 3 franchises I mentioned as good choices are capable of 20,000 to 30,000 per game; The other 5 will struggle to reach 20k per game. The bright spot of the league seems to be the TV ratings. Whether that can save the AAF remains to be seen. People only have so much discretionary income to spend and high ticket; high concession prices do not help in an economy which is sputtering and in a sports market where there is so much competition. I'm wondering what ownership thought was attainable attendance and now halfway thru the season what realistic attendance goals were/are. As for a midseason grade: My heart says B- but my gut says C-plus. I hope the AAF survives and does not fold after 1 year. But ownership might need more investors to survive.