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  1. Well the foundation is already cast for Arco park.And if you build Arco park 30 years late you could always woo the A's.Funny,if the Vegas deal falls thru the Raiders could always crash the Arco park party.Ironic.
  2. There were a few options for the White Sox back then.Another which never left the drawing board was to be on a large unused railroad yard bounded by Roosevelt rd,the Chicago river,Clark street and 18th st.At that time the South loop was seedy and undeveloped.If built the White Sox would of had one of the best downtown stadiums in baseball and still would, as the area has skyrocked with condo towers all around.BTW,the land still sits unused.
  3. Yes that was the plan.Funny,that unfinished ballpark/stadium is right next to Arco arena aka Sleep Train Arena which has not been used since last december.I say build it now and the Raiders have a home.
  4. And if they put the logo of the actual bear on the helmet it would be perfect
  5. Yes a subtenent with the ducks.But if the Clippers build their own stadium it would make sense to get some type of a tenent to offset the stadium cost with them on the non basketball dates.
  6. Why not move into the Honda Center in Anaheim?Building is already built and they might increase their fan base.What's not to like about that?
  7. Rams might wear their throwbacks for that game,That would look pretty cool.
  8. In 1977 Blackhawks owner Arthur Witz booked chicago stadium for Led Zeppelin and his Blackhawks had to play the Islanders in game 2 of a best 2 of 3 playoff game in Uniondale NY as the home team with last line change.
  9. But they should just to a)tax write-oo,goodwill,and b,open their arena for 1 extra date in the year.(helps if you own the arena)
  10. You know that would be a pretty cool thing if each NBA team played an opponent one game in a small arena/gym.Low seating capacity,money from tickets sold goes to charity,So the Bulls could play say Milwaukee at DePaul university's Sullivan center,capacity 3,000 and on it would go.
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Milwaukee.One sports championship;the Bucks in 1971.They were never able to get a NHL franchise due to Arthur and Bill Wirtz of the Blackhawks consistently blocking any expansion or relocation to Milwaukee based on territorial rights and their influence with the league.Lost the Braves to relocation,received the Brewers;at one time hosted I believe 4 Packer games a year in County Stadium;has never been talked about for even getting NFL preseason games played there.City seems to be in the perpetual shadow of Chicago.Atlanta would be my second choice.Couldn't support hockey,can't sell out baseball playoff games.Build arenas,tear them down to build newer ones.Yep.Milwaukee&Atlanta.
  12. I suppose it depends on one's age.It's not a bad logo;it actually looks good on black.It's better than the license plate uniforms 1982-86 that the White Sox started wearing on Sunday's a few years back.
  13. This logo was on the team's jackets from about 1977 to 1981.It was never on any hat and was not popular.Fast forward to 2012 and this logo becomes popular along with the licence plate uniforms of the White Sox from 1982-1986 in the eyes of the 35 year olds and younger.Last year the batting practice hat was this swinging sox logo.The jersey needs to lose the sleeve Sox ad well as the teams road "chicago" jersey.Just too much there.
  14. The Redskins one would look great against the Bears throwbacks in a color rush/throwbacks thingy.
  15. The Brewers and Athletics hats look great.The San Diego one looks like the Giants took it over.
  16. Northwestern was thinking about playing their men's basketball at Loyola next year as the Wildcats own arena Welsh-Ryan arena will be getting a makeover.However,they will be playing in Rosemont at All State arena's a picture of that which was last renovated about 1983. Capacity 8,000
  17. Oh it wouldn't happen.But if the Raiders leave the Bay Area in search of greener pastures not counting Sacramento;either LA,Vegas,the #6 market in the NFL is without an AFC team and there is a stadium already built with an unused home locker room that would be a juicy carrot for someone.If for whatever reason Vegas becomes unworkable for the Raiders then Santa Clara is the Raiders best option.Should the Chargers of moved?Hindsight says no but maybe it's a wait and see.
  18. The Brewers need to decide which way they are going to go.They seem to be going in circles with the MB glove/ball retro logo on a perfectly good current uniform which maybe has run its course.Either go back to the MB glove/ball logo or don't.
  19. The Joseph Gentile Center in Chicago,Il;home of the Loyola Ramblers has a seating capacity of just under 5,000 UIC Pavilion which originally had a capacity of 10,000 for hockey is now just under 7,000 and hosts UIC basketball and concerts Emil and Patricia Jones Convocation center on the campus of Chicago State University also has a capacity under 7,000
  20. Gotta think it's the Chargers and or the Rams.Chargers keep the Powder blue's for certain games and maybe redesign the blue tops.If the Rams can tweek their white tops to go with the blue/white helmet they wore in Seattle late in the year that might keep enough interest in them from the casual fan who followed them last year but lost interest with their lousy play.
  21. How about this then.The Chargers end up in Santa Clara with the 49ers and the Raiders either end up in Los Angeles or find a way to mend the bridges that are currently burning in sin city.Strange times indeed.
  22. The NFL has to guard about being too greedy.The reason Jacksonville hasn't tried to or moved is the owner is trying to make it work in the market that he's in.It will be interesting to see what ticket prices will be for the Chargers in a 30,000 seat stadium and what year 2 interest will bring in supporting the Rams again ticket wise.On on the Jan 22 article it shows the Raiders raising ticket prices.First increase in a while.If this means not selling out and the league enforcing the blackout rule then Mark Davis will be remembered as the one who killed the goose that laid the golden egg.
  23. That actually might be the saving grace for the NFL.National football League,are you listening?Otherwise the moving merry go round might pick up some steam.