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  1. This would be a real good match-up if the Dolphins wore white pants and the Patriots wore some type of white or silver pants.The navy pants are dated and need to go.
  2. The Broncos should of stayed with navy as the primary Jersey instead of orange and should wear navy pants on the road instead of white.
  3. Buffalo will pull it off,Cleveland however...those uniforms whatever the combination are just bad.Bad.
  4. Northwestern looked good as they have all year.Pittsburgh on the other hand....
  5. Boy at this point with the relocation fee/financing being such an Achilles heal money would be better spent refurbishing Qualcomm Stadium and staying put.To move and take on the financial burden of relocation plus two years in a stadium without skyboxes assuming it's the LA coliseum you'd be nuts to move."What time you want the moving trucks there Mr Spanos?"
  6. Okay,what about the PSL's? Would there be one for each team or if the Chargers are only a tenant does Big Stan corner the PSL's all to himself?
  7. If they jointly own the stadium will there be 2 PSL's,one for each team or 1 PSL covering both.That's a mighty expensive PSL if that's the case.Don't know if the LA market would embrace that.
  8. True.But if for some unknown reason the Chargers bail on LA as Big Stan do you #1 want LA All to yourself with All that stadium debt or #2 a chance to reduce your cost with a second popular team.Might push him to field a winning team.
  9. Golly,look like color rush uniforms for the Seahawks and Chiefs.Green Bay@Detroit,Buffalo@NY Jets,and ny Giants@Washington look like the best uniforms this weekend.Although would love to see the Eagles wear white tops/green pants to put Dallas in their rarely worn Blues.
  10. So true.The Raiders have had a great season and a chance to capture the bay area with the Niners down this year but does Mark Davis see this.No.If for some unforeseen reason the Chargers decide to bail on the LA move(which they should)and the choice of moving to LA moves to the Raiders Mark Davis would move to LA faster than I can type this.Whoever moves to LA is going to probably have to deal with 2 years of playing in a bad stadium.Makes Qualcomm stadium and Oakland coliseum look pretty good at that.
  11. Agreed.Think they need to keep the Chargers name and history.Perhaps the Los Angeles Silver Chargers with Silver and Black color's.? Raiders would freak out but hey stuff happens.
  12. All green would be a nice choice if only to bump the all black uniform for a game.the eagles black top might look good with kelly green pants.Perhaps.
  13. The thing about all navy or all aqua or all red is there's just too much of it and it takes away from a teams Jersey.Agree that Columbia over navy is a bad mix.
  14. Yes,they beat Minnesota and lost to Green Bay in them.
  15. Agreed.Titans do not look good in all navy.What did they wear when Steve McNair was QB it was Columbia over navy or Columbia over white right?
  16. Eagles look horrible in all black.Like their practicing to be in a coven.Agree with DNAsports throwback Thursday would work better than the color rush.
  17. Not a good look for the fins in my humble opinion.Too much aqua.The aqua tops and white pants are a nice combo.The white tops and aqua pants are a better mix vs all white as the team found out this year.
  18. If all Black gives the Ravens their "look" what of certain teams that wear all white on the road.Personally I think it makes Denver look weak,when Minnesota wore all white same for them.Other teams like the Jets and Chiefs seem to get away with it and look fine when in all white.
  19. Second that.If the Spanos family has any clue they'll go powder blue,same name,1960's logo and do one simple thing.Win.If you can field a winning team people will be drawn to your product.Otherwise Dean save your focus group,re-branding thingy and buy yourself some booze.You'll need it.
  20. Eagles would look much better with green pants with those black tops.Same with the Ravens wearing purple pants with their black jerseys.
  21. I want to say back in the late 90,s the 49ers had white pants when they redesigned the font on the uniforms.New England would look good on the road with white pants once and awhile.The navy pants are just too predictable with the white tops.
  22. Chargers need to remain the Chargers.Go with the powder blue uniforms,white pants for home with the navy blue helmet and white tops and either navy blue or powder blue for the road pants.When the Chargers went with the white helmet they lost something.Mojo,winning,toughness,whatever.But stay the Chargers.