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  1. The Hornets have uniform changes coming this season.
  2. Slight update of these is my ideal scenario
  3. Word on the street is my Hornets may be returning closer to their roots with Jordan rebrand thoughts?
  4. I agree with your discontent for the gray. I also love syracuse's uniforms when they don't ruin them with gray numbers.
  5. Other opinions welcome please add any mid major conferences as well SEC- Alabama gets the nod over UK for their current Tennessee rip off uniforms as well as brand incosistency. Big East- As a UNC this image brings me to tears but Villanova has a very clean and easily recognisable brand. Big 12- Dominance on the court and in the uniform game. No debate imho. ACC- No bias intended but a college basketball staple uniform just like Kansas and Indiana. Hatred as well as inconsistentcy and black for blacks sake drops Duke from consideration Big Ten- Attired like a proper blue blood program(level of play is a different conversation...). MSU gets an honorable mention. American- Not a lot of consistency in this conference this is my least confident choice.
  6. Only good uniforms in the history of...... that's a bit of an exaggeration don't you think.
  7. Denver needs to own the orange. The Bears to me have ownership over Navy Jerseys with orange trim. Though i also despise the side panels a perfect resolution would be an oragne jersey with navy blue shoulder stripes similar to the Patriots or Texans.
  8. I made a new one for the fact that i considered worth of it's own thread.
  9. If anyone wants to make a concept too I would love to see it.
  10. Hey guys long time forum follower here just wanted to see what you guys thought of those unused mavs cocnepts. If