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  1. (Fantasy League) PDHL Professional Developmental Hockey League Single-A Hockey Affiliated with NHL *I am proud to announce that I have created a new concept league! The PDHL is a Single-A Hockey league that will be affiliated with the NHL. The NHL already has a AAA league the AHL and a AA league. Each NHL team will have a PDHL affiliate, and users will be able to own their own team in the league. Rules: 1. Colors must be same as NHL affiliate 2, Name must have relation to NHL affiliate
  2. I have started a new fantasy league called the TAFL. Users will be able to own their own franchise, design, uniforms and make other decisions. It will be a simulated league! Comment your team name and arena down below! **EAST TEXAS MAVERICKS (red, white and blue) are available for ownership TEAMS: East Texas Mavericks (AVAILABLE FOR OWNERSHIP)
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