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  1. NORTHEAST BASKETBALL LEAGUE Long Island Sounders Lancaster Lions New Haven Knights Providence Anchors Rochester Falcons Wilkes-Barre Bulldogs Worcester Colonials Westchester Jets
  2. United Basketball Association was founded in 2010 (Each league's logo color is featured in the UBA logo, since these 5 leagues are now united as one)
  3. Western States Basketball League was founded in 1992
  4. Desert League of Professional Basketball was founded in 1989
  5. MidNorth Basketball League was founded in 1981
  6. Southcoast Basketball League was founded in 1973
  7. This is the United Basketball Association. The UBA is comprised of 5 different independent basketball leagues that merged together to form one large league. Each league became its own division. Northeast Basketball League was founded in 1960
  8. The reason why I keep putting them out quickly is because I already had these done a while ago. I was also trying to go for a more old school feel. I am trying to showcase the time period when they didn't have modern logos or wordmarks. I guess that's why it seems like it's not as creative or detailed.
  9. Yeah, I had a concept of every teams hat. I restarted it creating uniforms.
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