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  1. i was using a different font for each manufacturer.
  2. Rounding out Group C is Mexico. The Logo stays the same although there is a throwback logo on both the road and home. The Home jersey is a traditional green/white/red tricolor design with a subliminal logo below the number. The road is a updated version of the 1978 away jersey with a thinner stripe on the front and gold adidas stripes. The third continues the trend for the past decade or so of having a black jersey, featuring green stripes and sleeve cuffs on one side and red on the other with gold numbers and collars. All three feature a tricolor on the back of the collar.
  3. I've never been a fan Jamaica's logo, being both unsymmetrical and fairly generic. The new logo is still pretty simple but a little more unique, a green diamond with the nations outline filled in by the flag, surrounded by "Jamaica Football Federation". The traditional home and away jersey colors have been switched. The home is green with a flag pattern on the chest stripe and socks with white shorts while the road is yellow with a black sash and black shorts with green accents and stripes. The third is black/yellow/black with green stripes and a sun burst pattern on the chest. All three have the flag above the name
  4. For El Salvador ive given them a modernized version of their traditional "ES" logo, adding gold trim and "FESFUT" underneath The Home kit is now a thick hooped jersey with blue shorts and socks to again differentiate from all the solid blue teams in CONCACAF. The road jersey is white with blue sleeves and a 2016 Italy inspired stripe. The alternate kit is a more traditional solid blue uniform with white stripes and thin gold horizontal stripes.
  5. Leading off the final group we have Curacao. Their current logo has too many things going on and doesnt do any of them particularly well. On my version it ditches the roundel and is just the badge, the two stars from the flag appear on the bottom with an old school ball with blue and yellow stripes behind it and the name appearing above it the Home jersey is solid blue with yellow accents and a yellow stripe on the chest and the sock based off the flag. The road is a modified version of their 2014 uniform, this time without the unbalanced stripe. the third is thin yellow and blue stripes with yellow shorts and socks. There's not much of a reason for it other than i wanted a team to have a striped jersey and its not like Curacao has much of a uniform identity other then whatever teamwear design the manufacturer chooses.
  6. thanks for feedback, added the update.
  7. Rounding our the group we have tiny Martinique. The Logo is a modified version of the current one, removing the gradient square back ground and the bird, replacing the soccer ball with the snake from the flag, and switching the black to blue. Both the home and road sets are designed around the flag, home being blue with black trim and a white cross on the front while the road is white with blue trim and a blue cross outline. The third set is black with blue trim and stripes on the chest. All three feature the snake on the chest with the full logo on the shorts and a flag on the back.
  8. For Panama The log stays the same, just with the branches removed. I kept the traditional Panama style of wearing solid red/white/or blue uniforms. The Home set is red with blue trim and a subliminal flag pattern. The road uniform is a white quartered shirt in the Panamanian flag pattern with white shorts and sleeves. The alternate kit is blue with red stripes down the sleeves and thick pinstripes on the front. All three have Panama written on the back below the collar.
  9. For Guatemala i removed the soccer ball, branches, and text to keep just the triangle to have a much more unique and identifiable logo. Traditionally they wear solid blue home and solid white road, but i switched the shorts colors to differentiate them from El Salvador and Honduras. The Home has a white chest stripe and a blue/white/blue shirt/short/sock pattern based off the flag. The road is white with a blue section on the chest giving the blue/white/blue with the shorts.. The third is solid white with gold sleeves and socks. All three have gold adidas stripes.
  10. Moving on to group B, first up we have the hosts. The best uniform the US has ever worn is the 2012 waldos. I added one stripe to have a total of 13 stripes instead of the previous version's 12 as well as added striped socks and white shorts instead of blue to help differentiate it from the road. Above the name on the back is the US motto "E Pluribus Unum" The roads are a modernized version of the 2010 jerseys, this time with red shorts. The main feature (other then the red sash) would be the 50 stars on the sleeves. The third is a red version of the road minus the stars with "Through the Perilous Fight" appearing on the back. Both clash kits feature the back numbers with an American flag pattern like they used in a game against Guatemala against 2015. I didnt use them on the home because i thought it looked weird with the two different stripe widths. All three feature "DONT TREAD" on the collar.
  11. Rounding out Group A we have French Guiana and Honduras. For French Guiana I put the "LFG" from the current logo inside a simple badge. The home is a diagonal half like the flag with red numbers in the center like the red star. The away is solid green with yellow accents and a subliminal silhouette of the country behind the front numbers.the third is white with contrasting sleeves . For Honduras I kept the primary the same, but modified the "H" secondary that appears on the jersey. The Home is solid blue with a white vertical stripe taking up the middle third of the jersey. The road is white with white shorts and blue sleeves/upper chest area. The alternate is black and blue stripes. All three have 5 stars in the shape of a "H" above the name on the back.
  12. Next up is the groups' favorite, Costa Rica. Again, no changes to the logo as i think it looks pretty good already. The Home uniform follows the traditional Costa Rican style of red shirt with blue shorts and red red socks. The Jersey features a pinstripe pattern on the front meant to resemble the stripes on the flag. The road is a based off the 2006 away uniform, this time with red sleeves and socks to help distinguish it from the abundance of blue and white teams in central america. The alternate is a throwback to their first world cup appearance in 1990 with only the manufacturer' logo changing.
  13. I've been reading these boards for a couple years, but have never had the time or patience to create a concept series until now. The main reason i chose to redesign the CONCACAF Gold Cup is because most of the countries have very basic and template designs and lack any patriotism, especially the US. The main inspiration on all the teams will be the nations' flag, along with influence from past uniforms. First up from Group A, Canada. I kept the logo unchanged since they already have one of the best in the region. The uniforms are pretty straight forward. The Home is a Red jersey with a white chest stripe(for obvious reasons) and accents for the home kit. White with a subliminal maple leaf at the bottom of the torso as well as a flag styled stripe on the sleeves. The black third uniform uses a similar sleeve stripe and red and white accents on the jersey and shorts. The socks are black and red stripes opposed to the red with white stripe on the home and road socks. All three feature a line from "O Canada" above the name on the back. "our home and native land", "see thee rise", and "the true north".
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