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  1. Love it and this series, my favorite design so far would have to be your choice to use hartford for charlotte!
  2. This is more of a small design change for jerseys rather then a complete redesign for an outdoor game. The game would be instead of the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens at the redblacks stadium to celebrate 100 years of the nhl, it would be a callback to the first ever nhl game. The montreal wanderers played the Toronto Blueshirts and won in montreal 10-9. This game would be recreated in a callback to what once was, with teams playing with significance rather then just two canadiens teams. This would be awesome and I feel the NHL should have done this. The canadiens would play as the wanderers, doning the logo with canadiens striping, similar to what the maple leafs are doing with the blueshirts/Arenas. The game would be played in another historic place, being the Montreal Olympic Stadium. It was the former home of the Expos and would make a great fit.
  3. I like it, way more indepth then a high school logo normally is! I love the jagged edges as well as the addition of grey. The only thing I dont like is the way the panther appears too cartoony, but still I like It! Can i suggest a high school logo for you too do?
  4. Thanks, their is black in the logo, the outline for the nj part. Also what should I do for the next one?
  5. I like it, sure thing! Also you like the jersey design?
  6. Thanks sorry, I thought I did but will next time!
  7. This is the Second addition to the series, a potential rivalry stadium series between the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia Flyers at the Eagles Stadium, the Lincoln Financial Field. This would be a great move by the NHL because they could show off a new potential friendly rivalry between Nico Hischer and Nolan Patrick. Nolan and Hischer are almost at the same level and it would be exciting to see them play outdoors and make good press. The Linc is also a very nice stadium, and a close enough distance both fans can travel too. Also both teams are developing future players and have a rivalry history with each other. The devils uniform dosen't just add back green to the devs color pallet, it also keeps black, a color alot of devils fans want as well. This symbolizes a combination of multiple eras and looks cool. I also tried out a new striping technique, using basic striping with no pattern in coloring. For the Flyers I used their 50th anniversary jerseys as inspiration except added better numbers and an obvious color change. Black has always looked good on the flyers and I decided to try it out with already existing striping. As for the Arena Presentation both teams logos would be on either side with a giant ice liberty bell upwards of the rink. Also possibly a small eagles logo somewhere on the field.
  8. Thx, mabye will fix up later, also the Stadium Series Logo isint meant to be good by any means, just thought it might help give the audience a picture as too what im going for
  9. This is Where I will post my concepts for potential Outdoor Games that I think the NHL should consider, and will even write mini proposals We start off with a crazy idea I has for a Florida outdoor game, a stadium series probably. First off, it would take place in Raymond James Stadium (the Bucs home), which in the winter can go down to as low as 40 F, perfect to sustain ice for a perfect amount of time. With some nice planning, this would not be much of a hassle. As to why to do this you ask? These two teams are very unknown and do not have any attention going to them. A NBCSN game and outdoor game in Florida would attract much press attention. Also although I do not agree with most southern market NHL teams, I feel that Tampa Bay has a very passionate fan base and does deserve this. Now for the aesthetics of it, the Florida Panthers whole theming would be around the sun and heat, as they do represent most of Florida and many of their logos do indeed. For this I made the Panthers uniforms have the rays of the sun on the bottom stripe as well as more red and yellow then usual. The Lightnings uniform have the grey color of storm clouds, using all 4 of their colors rather then just 2. For the actual presentation of the arena the arena would be set up with palm trees all around the outskirts similar Minnesota's pine tree display. There would be a small picture above the arena of a sun facing off against a storm, pushing against one another. This would be between the logos. When the Bolts come out lightning coils will activate as they walk in. When the Panthers walk in fire will erupt followed by gold-ish smoke. Worst case scenario it all melts. Also I feel its only appropriate to have both team goal horns go off. Any Ideas for the next one?
  10. I like that carolina Alt logo, very nice
  11. Looks great, Just the grey on the ends really feel out of place as their is no grey anywhere else. Also I would prefer for them to do what they did last year with 4 jerseys, as well as the jerseys based off the team hosting the all star game, so Tampa
  12. Not the best however I feel as though the Canucks should go back to their roots and have a logo that actually has something to do with their team name. It features Johnny Canuck on the side patches and main logo, with the striping on the bottom and sleeves forming V's.
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