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  1. yo when the timberwolves jersey gonna get leaked/unveiled
  2. Jimmy butler is going to the MOA could they possibly show their new unis there?
  3. ya wtf they stole my concept lol but it still looks cool
  4. Since Nike is going to be the new jersey supplier for the NBA I made some concepts to show my take on the new jerseys. I used the USA olympic jersey featuring a nike vapor jersey and made my own mockup on it, to get the realistic stitching details on the numbers and logo I used a photoshop action called realistic stitching action to make it look realistic as possible. I hope you guys enjoy! Half way done the other half of the NBA will be uploaded as soon as possible. Feedback would be helpful!!
  5. Huh the blazers one looks familiar, thanks for the credit tho!!
  6. https://www.behance.net/gallery/46477341/2017-2018-Nike-x-NBA-Jerseys-Southeast these are some concepts I made I while back maybe last summer on photoshop, thought they where very similar to your concepts but more realistic
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