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  1. Been a while since I have posted. Added a couple authentics and some concept. Just for fun! The Ryan leaf rose bowl helmet was recently signed. Now up to about 15-20 minis and 7 full size. My wife hates me.
  2. Finished a couple minis yesterday. Anthracite helmet with white facemask and decals. WSU announced new uniforms via twitter this Spring so that combo is set to debut this fall. I also made a silver she'll with the older script. That design was worn for decades but retired in 2010.
  3. Crummy pictures, but a couple I have going. Revo in silver which will be an Alex Brink 2007 Apple Cup helmet in a week or two, vintage Riddell mini with 2 bar mask and single chin strap with snaps will be a 1969 100th anniversary wsu helmet, and my anthracite work in progress against the real thing. Not sure what I'm going to do with the speed mini in silver...
  4. It sure does! Was not familiar with those. I have a spare Riddell egop mask to use, do you know if they fit with the proper hardware? Or do they use a rawlings specific?
  5. I will have an update on some of my projects in the next couple days. Nearing the finish line on the 84 Schutt, the Air XP is finished, just started on a Revo and I have about 6 minis in various stages of completion. In the meantime, can anyone tell me what helmet this is? Looks like a Schutt Air XP by the ear holes but the top vents look similar to a Riddell Revolution. I can't seem to confirm what it is...
  6. That's awesome info, thanks. I have a friend at work with a Cricut machine that is running a bunch for me now for minis, but I think I'll use this method going forward. This will allow me to create much more intricate logos and designs. How was your experience with Upperdeck Stuios? I ordered from them 3 weeks ago, asked 2 weeks ago where my order was, 1 week ago they replied 'thanks, shipping now' and finally put it in the mail over the weekend. Looking at the ship location I see they are 250 miles from me and it has taken 3 weeks. So I'm excited to have a different option to use going forward!
  7. Little update on some of my projects. This 1993 Schutt Air shell (thrift store find) now has silver metallic and gloss clear, pads sanitized and painted with white fabric paint, new chin strap hardware installed. New facemask (OPO) in the mail and decals to follow. This will be a Rueben Mayes replica circa 1984. Gabe Marks replica Schutt Air XP nearly finished, waiting on complete decal set in the mail. Also waiting on correct chin strap. Speed mini shell painted to match WSU Anthracite. Likely have white decal and facemask. I think for the next anthracite shell I will drill it out and order the Speed Flex conversion kit. Lastly, a friend hooked me with this game worn Arizona helmet, Riddell Revolution size XL. Two interior stickers reference 2010 and that would fit with their uniform options at the time. I can't seem to get a player # from the inside so I can't tell exactly who used it. I think this one will go up for auction on Ebay to a fan that will appreciate it more than me. Couple other surprises in the pipeline. stay tuned!
  8. Here are a few shots of some of my collection. As my username states, I'm mostly into WSU stuff. Ridell and Schutt only offer a few stock options so I have started to order individual pieces and gather my own decals. I have the all crimson and all white options in Speed, a couple empty shells (one to be a 1997 Rose Bowl edition with authentic facemask), a handful of signed minis (Michael Bennet, Marcus Trufant Seahawks # and WSU #, Drew Bledsoe, Deone Bucannon, Luke Falk) and a few full sizes auto'd (Timm Rosenbach, Mike Leach). A couple other full size shells in the works right now also. Bledsoe has his own successful winery out here also and I got a bottle of his family estate wine with the bottle signed. Not sure I'll be drinking that bottle anytime soon!
  9. I think I did see that earlier this Spring, regarding a simplicity of Oregon uniforms for this year. Not trying to start a war of words, just taking a couple jabs!
  10. Sometimes I forget what school colors Oregon is. They have worn: white black green yellow gold pink blue orange They wore all gray when playing WSU 2 years ago. WSU's official colors are crimson and...GRAY. Last season they dressed up as the Cal Bears for Halloween and played UW. I bet next year they find a way to wear purple and justify it somehow.
  11. I'm also curious what prep you did for the masking before painting? The speed helmets have padding glued in but the straps pop out easy. to you just plug the vents and then mask the entire cavity? or rip the pads and install new foam?
  12. Coogrfan, excellent work. What do you use for the multicolor decals you created. Can you explain the process for the peach bowl decal for instance? They look great!