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  1. Anyone know if the 49ers are gonna continue to wear the '94 throwbacks?
  2. They're not bound to home and road anymore. Any uniform can be worn anywhere as long as it doesn't clash with the home team's choice of uniforms. Lakers will probably still continue to use Gold at home primarily and purple on the road.
  3. Despite how much I think the uniforms are gonna be a downgrade, and despite me being a warrior fan, I need this jacket
  4. Of course they were. They probably don't even realize that Russell Westbrook never played a minute in Seattle
  5. They didn't put the 3 stripes logo on in-game uniforms though.
  6. As a Warrior fan, the yellow has become ingrained in the culture of the fan base. It's always been in the uniform, and it became even bigger to us since the We Believe playoff shirts. I've loved all the previous designs but this one doesn't do it for me mostly because of the collar and armholes. I'm also not big on the word mark, but all this is just constructive criticism because you've done amazing work for all the other concepts.
  7. I love the previous designs. The checkered striping in the Pacers jersey was an awesome touch. I like the idea of adding gold to Boston's set, but I think you can keep the collar/armhole piping in the same way Duke did with the new Nike template. I love the love the logo being worked into the side panel of Portland's jersey, but the font on the wordmark clashes with the sleek, modern look. With all that criticism being said, these are all fantastic concepts.
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