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  1. lol how is this a concept? Aren't these just their city edition jerseys from the past two seasons?
  2. The logo is really :censored:in sweet, nice job on that. That being said, I feel like you are overusing that ace and spades idea on the uniforms. Try removing the stripe on the helmet, see how that looks. That pattern is cool, but in moderation. Im also not quite sure how I feel about the notch in the numbers. Overall though, this is a very nice looking concept and you can count me as impressed! Funny that you posted this right after news broke that Oakland was going to sue the Raiders for moving to LV.
  3. Love the browns, but im not feeling the Jags uniforms. The shade of teal is different than the one they have now, and I personally think that that shade they have now fits with the black tons more. Possibly make the striping just a tad more modern to fit the numbers. Also matte black all the way for the helmets lol. I honestly love the browns concept though, fits their identity perfectly while introducing new and refreshing ideas.
  4. For the white sox, I think that Jose Abreu would be an easy choice. He's beloved in Chicago, and he has a phenomal character. He's also been extremely effective and you have some guys on there that have been in the MLB for less time than he has (Bryant, Arenado). I also think Zobrist should at least be considered for Tampa
  5. Damn that's awesome man! Id be interested to see a mavs and rockets concept, Ive done a rockets concept and I want to see what your take is.
  6. I could've sworn I saw those dipped helmets blow up somewhere? Was that you?
  7. Still not feeling this one, maybe you could do something more aligned with their current logo but add some character to it. Definitely some red in the logo too. I love the rams logo though!
  8. The giants monogram seems too much like a corporate logo to me, It also reads as an M at first glance. I love what your doing thus far, but I think you should scrap the giants one and restart from scratch. The Giants logo will be hard to redesign, but I can't wait to see what you have in store!
  9. I figured it out, the jersey is in the background mostly blurred out. But you can pretty clearly tell its a white jersey with blue numbers
  10. Ok how tf do I upload an image to a thread? Can I not do that unless it's my thread? Cuz now I just look a dumbass.
  11. Ha! After 20 minutes of searching I found a pic of it! (It's pretty lo q tho so thank me later)
  12. Yeah I agree with you about the uniforms, but less is more in terms of the logo, but yeah, I really do want to tweak the unis. Just not sure how quite yet
  13. Didn't know that was such a no-no on these forums , sorry about that, I'm new here. On a side note, did you make the template from scratch? It's gorgeous!
  14. I added the outline to the ball logo, but for the logo on the bottom I felt that red text with a white drop shadow looked a touch better than white text with a red outline, so I went with that. Also, I want to add something to the shorts of the uniform, but I am not sure what. Any suggestions?
  15. I will be adding the supersonics, while also doing all star uniforms.
  16. Use Jiffy Lube, thats what I used for my concepts (shameless plug pt 2)
  17. Hello! This is my first ever uniform/logo concepts I have ever done. I am a graphic designer on Instagram, and I am taking a jab at concepts for the first time. Constructive criticism and Feedback is very welcomed!
  18. Make the green set use a similar template to the other jerseys. Also, maybe try a darker shade of green?
  19. Im not a huge fan of the font, but that being said, the black uniform just includes gold cuz its gold and thats something you should never do. And, if you really want to do black on black a bright outline is necessary.