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  1. I'm starting a new series where I am going to redo the home & away sets for every single team. Starting from the top, here are the Ducks.
  2. Yeah I was trying to keep some elements of their throwbacks.
  3. If anyone might find this useful, I just recorded a tutorial video on how I make 3D hockey concepts in Photoshop. Here you go:
  4. An alt concept for the lightning inspired by their original jerseys.
  5. I re-created the flames alternate using their round alt logo. I also made the striping a bit bigger so that it has more pop.
  6. My attempt to modernize the capitals jerseys, using their best logo ever.
  7. I actually just did a road concept for a redditor who asked.
  8. Blue Jackets concept based on the Civil War uniforms Time lapse video:
  9. That Golden Knights jersey is great. I like how the arm striping forms a V.