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  1. A little quiet around here.... Let's get some feedback going on this one so I can prepare a final graphic including all 4 sets
  2. Thoughts? This is what I would suggest they wear at home. Up next will be the yellow "classic" set, brace yourselves- I'm not entirely sure how it will be received
  3. Thanks dude! No way could I take credit for this template, though. https://sportstemplates.net/ So far no other NBA team has taken this direction, which is why I'm avoiding it for these concepts. We live and we learn, I appreciate the apology though, man! Check the top of this post for the link on that template. I plan to get the white association set on here today!
  4. do u just not have any forum etiquette?
  5. Personally prefer the yellow text w red border, would love to hear some opinions...
  6. Nice concepts! I have a couple of suggestions you might find helpful. Pitts: Maybe take the triangle off the logo and add it to the shoulder? Just a thought, might clean up the design a bit. CBJ: Maybe swap the shoulder and chest logos? Might suit the template better. Keep it up.
  7. Thanks for the input Krzy, I was hoping for some feedback on the sponsor. I like the idea of using Apache! Here's my go at it, and unless anybody has any other suggestions I think this will be the Primary Icon uniform. It was my intention from the get-go to have Houston wearing their association (white) sets at home, but like anything else- up for discussion! Revision on the black set on the way!
  8. I'm going to go with one logo on the side on the shorts! Was still using the original render of the truer yellow version, the numbers will also be bigger. Still unsure about the sponsor logo, might go with Bank of Texas... thoughts?
  9. I don't think the red/yellow looks bad, but i tried your suggestion and i think it works well. Thoughts? Which colourway do you guys prefer? Going to make some adjustments to the black jerseys when we confirm a colourway.
  10. Let's get some more feedback on this! My initial direction was to have red and yellow/gold as core factors in this rebrand. I understand where you are coming from, but I did not want to rely too heavily on the teams history while creating these concepts. My intention was to play off the history, while reforming the identity (see Kings, Timberwolves, Hawks). At first I was trying to have these uniforms as a derivative of their current identity, but I feel that I've jumped off that ship at this point- and I don't want to veer too far off my current path. White and red is currently done by a handful of other ball clubs... red and yellow on the other hand...
  11. I think I've found the solution to the slanted wordmark, just needed to toy around with it a little bit.... I would also like to hear thoughts on removing the logo from the left side of the shorts. I don't hate it, but I don't know if it's the way to go?
  12. I think that I will find a way to make the slanted text work for the black icon set, but keep the arched text for the red icon and association sets. Do you mean to choose between having the midriff logo or the side logos?
  13. I've tried a few variations of the slanted text and wasn't a huge fan. Of them all, this was the best solution but i'm not convinced that it looks better than the arched version... thoughts? Also, I really appreciate the tidbit on the number sizing. Trying to master the template and get the concepts looking as photorealistic as possible!
  14. Hoping this will gain traction! Being new I know I'll have to build my reputation, so forgive me for a triple post. The full set will include a: Red Icon, White Association, Black Icon, and Yellow Classic. Here's where I'm at for the second uniform! If there's no C&C (doubtful) then let's pick a sponsor for this set!
  15. I'm happy with the direction so far. I think adjusting the colours along with addition of white did give it more of a "Houston" vibe. The font I chose is definitely in faux-back territory, playing off that classic Rockets motif.
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