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  1. hello all. I haven't changed the fish yet but I have changed the spacing of the letters. gotten rid of the dot and the first logo has the red outer circle. second logo just has the letter spacing and removal of dot. the 3rd logo is the original. which one looks best? c&c welcome.
  2. great job. this looks awesome. anyway to fit the stitches of a baseball somewhere?
  3. thx Captain Tsubasa. some buddies and I that go fishing a lot came up with an Instagram account of the same name. the goal is to get this logo to look good on any color hat and t shirt. that's why im keeping it as black and white as possible. also to be wearing the hats and shirts when posting pics with fish we have caught. here are some samples that i have had printed already. i have changed the logo since the t shirt was printed. im not 100% happy with the way the logo came out on the hat but because it is such a small are the machine cant stitch it perfectly.
  4. thanks Cosmic. so by gradual taper, do you mean a larger body and smaller tail than what it is now?
  5. hey FALCON6 thank you. I'll take another crack at it
  6. I posted this in the sports concepts forum which is incorrect. This is a logo to put on hats and tshirts. also for an instagram account. C&C's please https://imgur.com/cwWFTD5
  7. so its been awhile and after many attempts I have fine tuned my fish logo. this logo will be printed on hats and tshirts this is why I had to keep it simple. we also have an instagram account. your c&c's much appreciated https://imgur.com/cwWFTD5
  8. thank you for the comments and critiques colej. this helps alot. i will return with another version shortly for your opinions
  9. thanks sleuthpanther. i figure i would keep the yellow circle, white lettering and white fish. maybe thicken the lines of the fish but keep the fish white. that way this logo could look good on any color t shirt or hat. the space around the fish within the yellow circle is grey, doesn't look like it in the pic though. i think popular colors for hats and t shirts are black, blue, grey, white, red. so having a mostly white logo with a yellow circle and red maple leaf would match one of those colored shirts. wondering if the logo needs any tweaks or if im missing something. i think simple is best
  10. looks great. looks like modern roman Colosseum. maybe add some glass to the concrete on the outside.
  11. Hello all. this is my first time posting a logo. This hand drawn logo took me a few months to finalize. Its not on par with all the great work that is posted on this site. This logo is meant for t shirt and hat merchandise for my friends and I who enjoy fishing and posting our catches on instagram. The fish is suppose to be a bass. Your comments & criticisms are greatly appreciated