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  1. I agree. I don't like the sleeve caps being a different color. These are some of my favorite Herd uniforms . . . Very simple. Very simple.
  2. New video showing the combinations of Herd uniforms this year.
  3. Just from my quick observation, black jerseys appear to be the same. No Marshall logo on the sleeve, which appears on the white/green jersey. The black jerseys may be the leftovers from last year. They also added black pants, which weren't a part of the rotation last year. White Jersey: Marshall logo on both sleeves, weird Marshall font across the chest. Green Jersey: Marshall logo on both sleeves.
  4. Marshall just tweeted/Snapchatted some images:
  5. What's the process for your own decals? Also, I can already tell that my primer is "grainy" again. I'll take pictures when I can, but it has a textured finish and not a flat/smooth finish.
  6. Fantastic. I'll take a look at it tomorrow night and see what I think tomorrow and then look again at it on Tuesday evening and go from there. Are you making your own decals for your alumni helmet?
  7. Just got a Riddell in today that has been beat to hell and back. I'll post some pictures up before I start working on it maybe next week to see what you think and if I should go Bondo for this one or not. Anyways, back to my Schutt that I'm trying to perfect. $20 at Play It Again Sports so I'll keep working on it until I'm satisfied with it. I looked at my Rustoleum primer can and followed the "apply 2 or more light coats a few minutes apart". I put on three light coats and now I'm going to let it sit for the "apply a second coat or clear coat within one hour or after forty eight hours." I'll take a look at it then, if happy will sand it lightly, and then hit it with my white gloss Rustoleum which gives me similar directions to hit it with a couple light coats within minutes of each other and then do more coats either within an hour of that or after forty eight. *fingers crossed*
  8. Thanks! This helps a lot. The putty I'm referring to is just a Bondo Glazing/Spot Putty. I used it to help fix some scratches and dings in the shell, as I've been buying used shells. I've been sanding the helmet smooth and removing debris after sanding. I think I could have very well not followed the timing steps with the primer and paint so that could have very well thrown it off. I'm going to resand, prime, and paint again making sure to follow all directions and see how it turns out. I just got a new (used) Riddell in today, but don't want to mess with it until I've got the process down pat.
  9. Hate to bump this, but just signed up for the forum because of this topic. First of all, great helmets all around! Props! Secondly, I have just started getting into helmet making myself and have run into a few issues. I have had some Upperdeck decals sitting around my house for a couple of years and decided to put them to use. I bought a used Schutt Air XP, sanded it down, primed it using Rust-Oleum Flat Gray Primer, used Rust-Oleum Paint+Primer Gloss White to paint, and then sealed with a Rust-Oleum Gloss Clear. The helmet itself came out pretty nicely . . . Couple issues with me using the puddy which didn't exactly sit smooth and the major issue I had was that the gloss wasn't glossy. I see the helmets posted on here are nice and shiny (CougMiniHelmet, coogrfan, etc.) but mine came out a very matte white for whatever reason. Maybe I'm not using the correct spray paint or gloss? I have another helmet coming in next week that I plan to try my hand at so I figure I'd try and learn from the best for round two. Also, on the decal note, I'm mostly interested in creating a line of Marshall helmets (for now) and Marshall isn't a real popular option. Upperdeck had/has three versions of the Herd in stock, none on eBay, so I'm kind of at a dead end as far as other decals go. Marshall has some helmets of past that I'd eventually like to recreate, but wasn't sure how to go about decals. I did see coogrfan had some tips for creating smaller logos and decals. Jimmy! - Love the MU helmet and Leftwich bobblehead!
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