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  1. I will have to play around with that! My original version of the logo I did years ago featured a larger jet, but the logo was cluttered with poor fonts, gradients, etc. (It was one of my first tries at a logo I'd ever done). I hadn't noticed that before, but now I can't unsee it! Hopefully adding some detail will help. Hoping to put some work in over the holiday weekend!
  2. I appreciate that, thank you! Yeah I noticed the lines looked a lot fainter when exported on the white jersey after I submitted them. The drop shadows on the numbers were actually kind of a last minute call--felt classic with the script text. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Hello everyone! I've been lurking for a few months now, and have fairly recently taken an interest in sports logos and uniform design. The fantasy team challenge for LOGOLYMPIAD was my first submission of any kind on the forums and, as with many people this week, I'd love to get some feedback to see how I can improve my skills. Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!